Book Review: Relic Master: The Dark City

Relic Master: The Dark City, by Catherine Fisher

On the planet of Anara, the Order of Relic Masters is the last of those who can harness the power of the ancient relics and have seemingly magical abilities to speak through their minds. But the Order is now outlawed and hunted by the governing powers. Relic Master Galen and his protégé Raffi decide to search for the fabled Crow, who may be able to heal their world. But Galen and Raffi are being spied upon by the Watch, an unassuming young lady who begins to question everything she has been taught the more time she spends with the two.

Galen is older and rough around the edges. He lost his precious abilities in an accident, and now searches for the one person who could restore his power. He is cloaked in mystery, and knows more than he lets on. Raffi is a young apprentice who still seems a bit naïve, but remains obedient and loyal to Galen. The narrative switches between Galen and Raffi’s journey to that of their tailing spy and her quest to find them and discover their secrets.

Fisher’s world of ancient mysteries, aliens, and adventure flawlessly blends fantasy and science fiction. The Dark City is the first of four books in the Relic Master series, each being published in subsequent months. I love when publishers do this, so the story is still fresh in the mind. And readers are much less likely to forget about the series. Full of suspense, danger, magic, and strange technology – this new adventure has the feel of a quest-like fantasy with plenty of twists and surprises along the way. Marketed for middle readers, this first installment is a fantastic introduction to this strange world for science fiction and fantasy fans of all ages.

Relic Master: The Dark City is scheduled to release from Dial Books on May 17, 2011.

Received in April

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