Book Review: The Silver Bowl

The Silver Bowl, by Diane Stanley

Molly is just a young child when sent to work for the royal castle of Westria as a scullery maid. She works hard through the years and eventually is promoted to polishing the royal silver. But Molly has a secret that must keep from everyone, for fear those around her would think her crazy or a witch. Molly has visions, usually telling the future, which always comes true. And when she begins polishing a silver bowl, it speaks to her and begins to tell her a story of how the royal family became cursed. There have been a few seemingly natural deaths already, but there are more to come. And only Molly knows of this deadly secret and must find a way to save the royal family before all is lost.

The Silver Bowl is a story told over the years of Molly’s life. Molly is a brash, uneducated young girl. But she is wise beyond her years, with a good and courageous heart. Stanley has created a fantastic new fairy tale, full of magic, mystery, and suspense. Her characters are likeable and the story is a fast-paced adventure. Readers of all ages will enjoy this highly entertaining fantasy. This striking fairy tale was completely engaging and pure fun from beginning to end.

TV Review: Teen Wolf on MTV

teen wolf

Teen Wolf will debut this Sunday, June 5th on MTV, then moving to Monday nights regularly at 10/9c June 6th. When friends Stiles and Scott decide to follow the police into the woods to look for a body, Scott is attacked by a monstrous creature. And the next day, Scott begins to see changes in his lacrosse playing and some incredible developing abilities. When a pretty new girl moves to town, Scott immediately makes a connection with her. But a full moon is coming. And Scott is in store for some even bigger changes.

This remake of the popular 80s film stars Tyler Posey as Scott McCall, an awkward teen whose life changes forever after getting bitten by a werewolf. Scott’s best friend Stiles is played by Dylan O’Brien, a headstrong but loyal confidant. Crystal Reed is Allison Argent – the new girl with a mysterious past. The acting is spot on, with fantastic character development.

Unlike its light-hearted, humorous predecessor, MTV’s Teen Wolf is darker, full of suspense, horror, mystery, and drama. I’ve only seen the pilot so far, but the producers also promise more romance and intensity. I had my doubts, thinking this would just be another corny, teenybop show. And I haven’t watched MTV since college. But I have to say I was impressed with this pilot. It’s fun, exciting, fast-paced, and fresh. I will definitely be tuning in to watch the rest of this 12-episode series. I highly recommend this new show to fans of CW’s Vampire Diaries.

The first 8 minutes of Teen Wolf:

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