Book Review: Star Trek Voyager: Children of the Storm

Star Trek Voyager: Children of the Storm, by Kirsten Beyer


After the alien race known only as the Children of the Storm decimated the Borg, they told the Federation not to return to their space. But the Federation wants to make sure the Children of the Storm wont be a future threat. Fleet Commander Afsarah Eden and Captain Chakotay of Voyager leads a mission to the Delta Quadrant to discover why the three Federation ships were attacked by the Children of the Storm and what happened to them. Their only hope lies in discovering what the Children of the Storm want and what their motivations are.

The story takes place after last year’s Destiny trilogy. Told from various characters points of view on various ships, the timeline follows both Voyager in the “present.” While the Quirinal, Planck, and Demeter follow an older timeline, leading up to the Voyager’s present, and providing a suspenseful mystery along the way. As with Beyer’s previous Voyager novels, the main characters are spot on, yet have grown and developed quite a bit since the show.

This latest Voyager novel is a bit grander than previous installments, encompassing the story of several ships over a longer period of time. It’s a complex story, woven together skillfully. With plenty of mystery, drama, adventure, and heart, Voyager fans will not be disappointed. Even though Voyager has returned home, I’m glad their adventures haven’t ended.

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Alphas Q&A with Ira Steven Behr, Ryan Cartwright and Azita Ghanizada

Alphas was recently able to sit in on a Q&A with executive producer Ira Steven Behr and stars Ryan Cartwright and Azita Ghanizada of Syfy’s newest original series Alphas. Alphas premiers Monday, July 11 at 10:00 pm on Syfy.

How did each of you become involved with Alphas?

Ryan Cartwright: Okay. Yes. I think I was the first actor on board. I was having another fun horrible pilot season in LA running around doing my monkey showings trying to get a job and then this really good script turned up and I just wanted to be a part of it immediately.

And went into the audition and it was a tricky role for me because the character has autism and it was a bit intimidating. But then once I’d signed on one good piece after another fell into place and everyone that got on board after that and that was already on board that I met was fantastic and smart. So I was super happy to get it.

Ira Steven Behr: I had taken a year off actually to finish up a novel I had started a couple years ago and decided to finish it. And I just turned down TV work for a year, which did not make my agents happy or my wife.

She wanted me out of the house and as soon as I was done I called my agents and said let’s see what’s out there. And one of the first jobs I went on was Alphas and I saw the pilot, which I thought was really interesting and I really liked the characters, which is what I really look for in a pilot.

And I met with Zak and Michael Karnow because it’s really important you know, if you’re going to be the show runner it’s always nice if you can get along with the guys who thought up the project so there’s not going to be any kind of tension.

And we got along really well and I just thought the possibilities for a really good show were there. So and I had been doing a dance with the Syfy Network for about ten years of them offering projects and me turning them down or me going to them and it not working out.

So I figured you know what, let’s just end this once and for all and let me do something for Syfy. And here we are.

Azita Ghanizada: You know, I was the last person cast. I think they had a hard time finding Rachel. She was originally written as somebody kind of very different than what she has become now that Ira and Zak and Michael and everyone else in the writers room have really dug their teeth into her.

And so, I think in my real life I’m a little bit more ballsy and courageous than Rachel is and so I think people had a hard time originally seeing me as that. But I kind of went in and rearranged bits and pieces of myself and understood very quickly what it was like to live in a conservative home.

I’m a child from Afghanistan and grew up with very strict parents in the United States and that was part of Rachel’s journey from the pilot, kind of not fitting in at home was something I responded to. And I just kind of went in and did it and they hired me, those silly bastards. And I got on a plane, I went to Canada and we really you know, kind of found it on the day.

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Book Review: Heaven’s Shadow

Heaven’s Shadow, by David S. Goyer and Michael Cassutt

Years ago an object was spotted in space, thought to be an asteroid of some kind and dubbed Keanu. As the immense object approaches Earth, two space shuttles are sent to investigate. But when the astronauts arrive, they soon discover the object is not a lifeless rock. And Keanu has been sent to Earth with a purpose.

With the feel of a science fiction/horror classic, Goyer and Cassutt have created an incredibly dynamic near future alien contact story, shrouded in mystery and suspense. With a large ensemble cast, each is well-developed and full of complexities. Warner Bros. has already acquired the rights to a movie deal, to be written and directed by Goyer. The novel certainly reads like an action-packed thriller. And it’s easy to the promise in this forthcoming trilogy.

This first installment sets up the characters and first contact with the mysterious aliens. Full of danger, tension, surprises, and chills, science fiction fans will definitely want to check out this exciting new release. Edge-of-your-seat-excitement meets emotional drama with an explosive finale. This gripping story builds in intensity to its climactic cliffhanger ending that will leave readers wanting more.

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