Q&A: Emily Rose talks Haven

Emily Rose stars in Haven which airs Friday nights on Syfy.

What do you enjoy most about working on Haven?

Emily Rose: I think for me this year I enjoy the depth of where we go with the relationships of the characters. I don’t get my, what’s the word, creative energy or batteries are recharging from the sort of trouble of the week thing. That to me is kind of what keeps people – well, it’s kind of like the laundry line on which everything else hangs.

For me, what’s enjoyable is the mythology and the characters and the deeper mystery behind this town and so when we get to do really like – when we get to scenes to me that have a subtext and we’re not having to explain things exactly on the nose or that involve relationships and history and what’s not being said, that to me is my favorite part of working on Haven.

Thank goodness I get along with my cast mates and enjoy the people and think that the place is beautiful. So I enjoy all those things but to me the real reward is working really hard on a scene with the director in the limited time that we have and then watching it really effect people and then watching the fan videos later.

How do you think your character has evolved this season from the last and where do you think that it’s going?

Emily Rose: I think last season was really about why should I stay in Haven and what’s my connection to the place and why have I been brought here and this season’s been more about who am I. Sometimes I get side barred because we have to focus in on the trouble of the week and it’s always a challenge to try to portray the duality of that but you know anytime that I can find Audrey being effected by the trouble in a personal way then that’s sort of my way in.

And what I think this year is different for her is there’s a bit more of a comfort. Last year she was circling all of her other characters to kind of get an idea of who they are and this year she’s at home with them and is circling them and is thrown off by them when there might be a situation that occurs that she’s not really familiar that they would handle it in a certain way or you know what she knows about Nathan and he reacts in a way she’s not expecting, things like that.

That to me is the different side of it and just what’s exciting about being able to stick with the series and I’m so excited that our ratings are holding strong every week and that we have an audience that’s returning and coming back because they’re getting to know the characters just as well and maybe will have the same reactions as Audrey does when those different situations come about.

Without revealing any spoilers, are we going to find out why Audrey is immune to some of the forces in Haven?

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Book Review: Enclave


Enclave, by Ann Aguirre

Deuce has lived her first fifteen years underground in an enclave ruled by “elders” who are only in their twenties. When a “brat” turns fifteen they are given a name and one of three jobs: Breeder, Builder or Hunter. Deuce is excited to become a Huntress. But then she is partnered with Fade, an outsider who claims to come from the surface world. As Hunters, Deuce and Fade search for meat in underground tunnels to feed the enclave and fight off monstrous cannibal Freaks. Unfortunately, the Freaks seem to be getting smarter and prove a greater threat than thought possible, but the elders dismiss their claims and continue with life as usual. When Deuce decides to stand up to the elders, she sets herself on a path away from everything she’s ever known.

Deuce is a sympathetic character – caring, loyal, and brave. Her small enclave has been extremely sheltered and never questioned. Aguirre’s post-apocalyptic world is dark, deadly and mysterious. With creepy, zombie-like Freaks, a dystopian world, dramatic characters, and a bit of romance – it’s a winning combination.

Geared for young adults, this dystopian science fiction novel is fantastically thrilling and suspenseful. First in a new series, fans of the Hunger Games will definitely enjoy. Fast-paced and action-packed, this exciting novel is impossible to put down. With plenty of twists and surprises along the way, the story is completely enthralling and intense. Ending with plenty of questions unanswered, readers will be eagerly awaiting the next installment.

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