DVD Review: Merlin: The Complete Third Season

Merlin: The Complete Third Season

Season three of Merlin follows Morgana’s further descent into villainy. Merlin struggles to protect Arthur and King Uther from Morgana’s evil plans, while trying to keep his magic a secret. From goblins, changlings, and fantastic quests – to the introduction of the knight Gwaine, Merlin is kept busy in his fight against evil and anonymously saving Arthur from countless near-misses.

This 13-episode season is more exciting, suspenseful and action-packed than ever. As Merlin continues to mature and grow in his powers, his relationship with Arthur only grows stronger as well. The highlight of the season is certainly Morgana and her sudden turn to evil and revenge. The beautiful sorceress gains power quickly and soon becomes a formidable foe. Fantastic characters, exciting monsters, magic, and romance make Merlin one of the best reimaginings of the Arthurian legend. With plenty of humor, heart, and adventure – fantasy fans won’t want to miss this incredible season.

Special Features Include:
• Audio Commentary
• Making of Merlin Series 3
• Deleted Scenes
• Outtakes
• Wallpaper
• Gallery

Merlin: The Complete Third Season released from BBC America on January 17th.

Sci-Fi – Fiction Book Review: Alienation

Alienation by Jon S. Lewis

Sixteen-year-old Colt McAlister is joining the CHAOS Military Academy, following in his grandfather’s footsteps and already making a name for himself as a hero for Earth. Colt and his friends Oz and Danielle will be trained to better fight off the looming invasion of the Thule, shapeshifting aliens that are seemingly unstoppable. Unsure who to trust, Colt learns about a secret in his past and a Thule assassin that seems to want Colt dead.

Following the events in Invasion, Colt has learned about a dark conspiracy. He’s also dealing with infatuation for a girl, while dealing with the CHAOS Academy and attacks on his life. But thankfully, the teenage angst takes a backseat to the action and adventure. Lewis’ futuristic world has many fun gadgets, advanced technology, and incredible aliens. Even though the story follows Colt almost exclusively, I would love to see future installments delve more into the Thule and their background and motivations. Right now, they’re still too much of a mystery and just The Big, Evil Aliens.

With plenty of danger, intrigue, and suspense – young science fiction fans should enjoy this fast-paced adventure. Though, reading the first novel, Invasion, is a must to get background on Colt and the Thule. I think I enjoyed Alienation as much as the first, if not more. Non-stop, action-packed thrills and excitement made it impossible to put down. And while there’s a satisfying ending, there is a mild cliffhanger that left me wanting more.

Book Giveaway: Undone Deeds

Undone Deeds

Courtesy of Ace Books, I have a copy of Undone Deeds by Mark Del Franco for one (1) lucky winner!

Contest is open to US and Canada only. To enter, just fill out the form below. Contest ends February 24. I’ll draw a name on February 25, and notify winner via email.

Good luck!

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DVD Review: Primeval Volume 3

Primeval Volume 3

Connor and Abby finally return after being stuck without a way home in the Cretaceous era to find much has changed. Though, endless terrifying creatures still emerge through anomalies. New characters come on the scene with secret agendas causing more drama and intrigue.

This third volume of Primeval includes BBC’s seasons four (7 episodes) and five (6 episodes). Primeval has extremely short seasons, which I assume is why they package these as “volumes” instead of seasons. Unfortunately, this can be confusing, as I read in another new brief that this volume was season three (not so!).

Fantastic special effects, more deadly dinosaurs, mystery, and more plenty of intense suspense – Primeval continues to deliver. This science fiction thriller has developed its story arc to a complex web of characters, subplots, and time periods. While the creature-of-the-week aspect is still there and can be watched as a standalone, watching the episodes in order is certainly preferable. As these short BBC seasons are packed with quite a bit of story.

Primeval Volume 3 released from BBC America on January 10th.

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