Fantasy – Fiction Book Review: Tricked

Tricked by Kevin Hearne

Atticus O’Sullivan is the only living druid and would like to stay that way. Some Norse gods want revenge and have hunted down Atticus in retaliation for his recent escapade. So he is appreciative when the Native American god Coyote disguises himself as Atticus and lets the Norse gods murder Coyote in his place. As Coyote can regenerate his body after every death. When Coyote asks a favor from Atticus, he soon realizes it’s not as simple as it seems. And the trickster god Coyote has tricked Atticus into fighting nearby evil skinwalkers for him. And unfortunately, that won’t be the only betrayal Atticus will soon face.

Hearne’s fantastic characters, pop culture references, and satirical wit have made this one of my favorite new series. Atticus’ latest adventure doesn’t take him far from home, but gives him new challenges just the same. His relationship with his apprentice has been handled well. There is attraction there, but their mentoring relationship has made any chemistry between them fizzle and seem awkward.

The fourth installment in the Iron Druid Chronicles is action-packed and even-paced. With overwhelming odds, creative use magic, and his trusty sidekick Oberon – Atticus never fails to entertain. With a new supply of new magical bad guys to fight while trying to hide his presence from the rest, Tricked is another engaging and entertaining read. Don’t miss this incredible urban fantasy series.

Tricked releases from Del Rey on April 24, 2012.

Fantasy – Fiction Book Review: The False Prince

Book Review: The False Prince

The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

When young Sage is taken from an orphanage by a nobleman named Conner, his suspicions are aroused when he finds he’s not the only boy that has been taken. And their appearances are all fairly similar. Conner tells them he has a plan to groom the boys and to choose one of them to replace a missing prince, yet ensuring Conner remains in control. Sage and the others soon learn there is no escape from Conner’s plan except by death. Conner holds many secrets and will go to any lengths necessary to see his plans through.

Sage is a bold and brash young man and is surprising likeable. He says things that most would think, but never say aloud. He disguises his cunning intellect with hotheaded and sarcastic remarks. And he’s clearly the only one who could match wits with the scheming Conner.

The False Prince is the first in a new trilogy, yet this first story ended well, without major cliffhangers. Sage is a memorable character and completely engaging. With the mood dark and covert, I couldn’t put this one down. Nielsen’s writing is captivating and full of thrilling suspense. With plenty of plot twists and surprises, there is never a dull moment in this adventure novel for middle readers on up.

Received in March

The following are the books, DVDs, and Blu-Rays I received in March for review and/or giveaways:

DC / Vertigo Comics:
Saucer Country #1

PetSmart / Marvel:
Dog T-shirt
Spider-Man Dog Toy

Ace Books:
The Shape of Desire by Sharon Shinn
Triggers by Robert J. Sawyer
Sins of the Son by Linda Poitevin
Shadow’s Fall by Dianne Sylvan

So You Created a Wormhole: The Time Traveler’s Guide to Time Travel by Phil Hornshaw

Bethany House:
Prophet by R. J. Larson

Daw Books:
Banner of the Damned by Sherwood Smith

Gallery Books / MTV Books:
Star Trek: Destiny by David Mack
On Fire: A Teen Wolf Novel by Nancy Holder

Hachette / Grand Central Publishing:
Catch Me a Cowboy by Katie Lane

Harper Teen / Balzer + Bray:
Slide by Jill Hathaway
The Selection by Kiera Cass

Hodder & Stoughton:
The Return Man by V. M. Zito
Nocturnal by Scott Sigler

Tainted Night, Tainted Blood by E.S. Moore

K Teen:
Dark Frost by Jennifer Estep
Unafraid by Michael Griffo

Orbit Books:
Emperor Mollusk versus The Sinister Brain by A. Lee Martinez

Phoenix Pick:
Future Perfect by Nancy Kress
Reboots by Mercedes Lackey

Pocket Books:
By a Thread by Jennifer Estep
A Sliver of Shadow by Allison Pang
Nice Girls Don’t Bite Their Neighbors by Molly Harper
Star Trek: Vanguard: Storming Heaven by David Mack

Roc Books:
Devil’s Punch by Ann Aguirre
Magic Without Mercy by Devon Monk

Above by Leah Bobet
No Such Thing As Dragons by Philip Reeve
A Darkling Plain by Philip Reeve

Signet Books:
The Thirteenth Sacrifice by Debbie Viguie

Simon & Schuster / Atria:
White Horse by Alex Adams

Tor Books:
Forged in Fire by J. A. Pitts
Blue Magic by A.M. Dellamonica
Immobility by Brian Evenson

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