Fantasy Book Review: Havoc

Havoc by Chris Wooding

Seth finally managed to escape the terrifying comicbook world of Malice, but he left his best friend Kady there. Now he must go back and rescue her. But can he find a way back in? Kady has her own worries. She’s trying to reach Havoc, a group of rebel kids plotting to destroy Tall Jake, the evil ruler of Malice. But somebody is watching the comic and can see what everyone is up to. Is there no way to escape?
Part novel, part comic book, all thrill – welcome to MALICE

As soon as Seth regained his memories of his time in Malice, he begins searching blindly for a way back. While pursued by evil, monstrous creatures searching for the shard that he holds, Seth meets a girl who helps Seth find clues to getting back to Malice without going through Tall Jake. Meanwhile, Kady and Justin are searching for Havoc, a group who opposes Tall Jake. Kady can only hope that Seth reaches them before it’s too late to use the shard to bring down the dark ruler of Malice.

The story switches back and forth between worlds, following Seth and Kady’s stories. And several pages of black and white, simplistic comics accompany the story as a fun mash-up. They world of Malice is a comic brought to life, so the pages of comics really adds a fun element to the story. With plenty of danger, heart-pounding suspense, and fast-paced adventure young readers will enjoy this action-packed sequel that doesn’t disappoint. Mysteries are finally revealed, and several surprises along the way build to an exciting and satisfying conclusion. This a fun duology for middle readers who enjoy dark adventure, mild horror and/or comics.