Book Giveaway: Never Come Back

Courtesy of New American Library, I have a copy of Never Come Back David Bell for one (1) lucky winner!

Contest is open to US residents only. No PO Boxes, please. To enter, just fill out the form below. Contest ends October 18. I’ll draw a name on October 19, and notify winner via email.


Good luck!

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Blu Ray Review: World War Z


World War Z (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy)

World War Z stars Brad Pitt and is (loosely) based on the book of the same name by Max Brooks. Pitt plays a former United Nations investigator who hunts down a solution to the sudden zombie plague wreaking havoc across the world.

The first thirty minutes of the film had me on the edge of my seat, cringing and wondering how the rating was only PG-13 instead of R. It’s very intense with heart-pounding suspense and chase scenes. Though, unlike other zombie movies, the focus isn’t gore. Which is good as these zombies are FAST. And they can turn others within seconds of biting.

I had few expectations going in, other than knowing it was nothing like the book. So I was pleasantly surprised with the solid characters and story. The acting is outstanding. They did a good job making us care about the characters while so much is going on. World War Z is a global apocalypse meets zombie thriller.

WORLD WAR Z Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack Includes:
• Feature film in high definition (Unrated version)
• Origins—The filmmakers discuss collaborating with renowned actor/producer Brad Pitt to create a Zombie film the likes of which have never been seen.
• Looking to Science—Explore the scientific realities of Zombie behavior in nature and learn more about Zombies in literature and film.
• WWZ: Production
– Outbreak—Go on set with Brad Pitt and director Marc Forster for a behind-the-scenes look at the film’s breathtaking first attack in Philadelphia.

– The Journey Begins—Delve deeper into Gerry’s fight for survival during the dramatic escape in South Korea.
– Behind The Wall—Explore the epic scene in Jerusalem and discover the incredible logistics of creating the elaborate stunts and crowd sequences.
– Camouflage—Experience the final confrontation between Gerry and the Zombies and discover the phenomenal scope of the film’s production.

• Feature film in standard definition (Theatrical version)

Fantasy Book Review: Spirit Animals: Wild Born

Spirit Animals: Wild Born by Brandon Mull

Four children separated by vast distances all undergo the same ritual, watched by cloaked strangers. Four flashes of light erupt, and from them emerge the unmistakable shapes of incredible beasts – a wolf, a leopard, a panda, and a falcon. Suddenly the paths of these children – and the world – have been changed forever.

Enter the world of Erdas, where every child who comes of age must discover if they have a spirit animal, a rare bond between human and beast that bestows great powers to both. A dark force has risen from distant and long-forgotten lands, and has begun an onslaught that will ravage the world. Now the fate of Erdas has fallen on the shoulders of four young strangers . . . and on you.

Four children from very different backgrounds and situations each find themselves with an amazing spirit animal and a heavy responsibility. While three are recruited right away, one (unknowingly) is taken by someone who works for the dark power seeking to destroy. And the children’s first quest is to recover a talisman from a dangerous protector.

Wild Born is the first in a new fantasy series by various authors. I never miss books written by Brandon Mull. And my only complaint is that the story seemed so short. It’s an easy, fast read for children. With an added bonus that children can login online and play a parallel game after reading the books. I haven’t tried out the game yet, because at the time of reading it hadn’t come out yet. However, this is a fun and exciting start to an interesting new series.

SciFi Book Review: Star Wars: Kenobi

Star Wars: Kenobi by John Jackson Miller

The Republic has fallen.
Sith Lords rule the galaxy.
Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi has lost everything . . .
Everything but hope.

Obi-Wan Kenobi has delivered baby Luke Skywalker safely to a couple on Tatooine who will raise him. But as Obi-Wan is in hiding as well, he decides to stay nearby and watch over them yet not close enough to be in the way. Changing his name to simply “Ben,” Obi-Wan moves close to a small town with troubles of its own. And though he tries to keep to himself, Ben can’t help but stand up for those in trouble and do the right thing. Even if it endangers his identity.

Miller does a fantastic job of character development, even with the elusive and mysterious Sand People. The story is solid and interesting. Full of intense drama, mystery, and intrigue – Kenobi is a standout read for Star Wars fans. This was an impressive installment in the popular saga.

SciFi Book Review: The Inventor’s Secret

The Inventor’s Secret by Chad Morris

Abby and Derick have been accepted to the most prestigious secondary school in the world Cragbridge Hall. Due to the inventions of their grandfather, Oscar Cragbridge, they will be able to experience history in 3D, use their minds to literally project visual interpretations of classic literature, and become animal avatars for zoology. But when their grandfather and parents go missing, Abby and Derick must follow clues Oscar left for them that will reveal a dangerous secret. Along the way, they discover there is much more to one of their grandfather s inventions than anyone has ever dreamed. Saving their family will take all of Derick’s mind and Abby’s heart as they come face to face with a crazed scientist who desperately seeks to change the past. If they fail, the world past and future will never be the same.

Abby and Derick are twins but don’t have a lot in common. Derick excels in academics and athletics. While Abby feels she got accepted to the prestigious school only because of her grandfather’s connection. Unfortunately, the other students find out and treat Abby horribly. Their grandfather is a brilliant inventor of many clever devices for the school. One of which leads to his kidnapping. But he has left behind clues for those in his trusted circle. But the twins aren’t sure who they can trust.

The Inventor’s Secret is first in a fun and exciting new series for middle readers. With advanced technology involving time travel and avatars, the science often leads to discussions on history and the philosophy of time travel. Questions are proposed about if changing the past would better affect the future or if we’re better off leaving the past alone. Hint: the author doesn’t agree with the show Quantum Leap. Yet I still saw his point. It’s a great and impressive start to a promising new series. I’ll certainly be following more from this author.

Book Giveaway: On Midnight Wings

Courtesy of Pocket Books, I have a copy of On Midnight Wings Adrian Phoenix for one (1) lucky winner!

Contest is open to US residents only. No PO Boxes, please. To enter, just fill out the form below. Contest ends October 11. I’ll draw a name on October 12, and notify winner via email.


Good luck!

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