Book Giveaway: The Machine Awakes

Courtesy of Tor Books, I have a copy of The Machine Awakes by Adam Christopher for one (1) lucky winner!

Contest is open to US residents only. No PO Boxes please. To enter, just fill out the form below. Contest ends May 15. I’ll draw a name on May 16, and notify winner via email.


Good luck!

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Fantasy Book Review: Jack: The True Story of Jack & the Beanstalk

Jack: The True Story of Jack & the Beanstalk by Liesl Shurtliff

All work and no play makes Jack extremely bored. And when Jack gets bored, he makes mischief. It’s not that he’s bad; he just longs for adventure—and there’s nothing adventurous about toiling day and night to grow yucky green stuff.

Adventure finally arrives one day in the form of giants, and soon Jack is chasing them to a land beyond the clouds, with his little sister, Annabella, in tow. The kingdom of giants is full of slugs the size of sheep, venomous pixies as tall as grown men, and a chatty cook with the biggest mouth Jack has ever seen. There’s giant fun to be had, too: puddings to swim in, spoons to use as catapults, monster toads to carry off pesky little sisters. . . .

But Jack and Annabella are on a mission. The king of the giants has taken something that belongs to them, and they’ll do anything—even dive into a smelly tureen of green bean soup—to get it back.

Jack is an adventurous boy who likes to pull pranks, which often gets him in trouble. He longs to live up to his namesake – Jack the Giant Slayer and be a brave adventurer rather than a simple farm boy. And when his father is taken up to the land of the giants, it seems Jack will get the chance.

Jack: The True Story of Jack & the Beanstalk is a cute and light-hearted, fairy tale adventure. If readers have read Rump, they will notice some overlapping characters introduced in a unique way. However, Jack is a wholly standalone novel. I love Rump, so I was eager for Jack to release. And surprisingly, this had a completely different feel at times – think Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. With plenty of humor, suspense, and fun characters – this inspired take on the Jack fairy tales is completely enjoyable.

Becoming Jinn Blog Tour: Giveaways and List of 10 Things Every Jinn Girl Needs

BecomingJinn TourBanner

Author Lori Goldstein joins today to give us the Top Ten Things Every Jinn Girl Needs and offer a special giveaway (details below)! em>Becoming Jinn releases April 21st from Feiwel & Friends.

Ten Things Every Jinn Girl Needs
by Lori Goldstein

1. Sweets. All Jinn have a sweet tooth, but not every Jinn is talented enough to conjure food. Kitchens need to be stocked with chocolate, ice cream, and a host of sugary treats.

2. A space heater. Jinn love the heat and hate the cold. Space heaters, fireplaces, outdoor firepits, and the like are a requirement.

3. Family cantamen. Part rulebook, part spell book, part history book, part memoir, part diary, a Jinn cantamen helps guide new Jinn as they hone their magic. Each family maintains its own, adding to it over the centuries.

4. A large house. With a Zar sisterhood made up of six Jinn, Zar gatherings require a home with enough room to accommodate big groups. Two Zars together equal twelve Jinn, three pump it up to eighteen…you get the idea.

5. A laptop and an Internet connection. Granting wishes for humans requires research on the wish candidate to ensure whatever actions taken to accomplish the wish won’t raise any suspicions. The more a Jinn knows about their wishee, the less risky granting wishes is…something Azra must learn the hard way.

6. A tagine. To make dishes like Azra’s favorite, chicken tagine with tomatoes and sweet caramelized onions, a traditional tagine with its round dish and conical lid is required.

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SciFi Book Review: The Arctic Code

The Arctic Code by Matthew J Kirby

It is the near future, and the earth has entered a new ice age. Eleanor Perry lives in Tucson, one of the most popular destinations for refugees of the Freeze. She is the daughter of a climatologist who is trying to find new ways to preserve human life on the planet. Dr. Perry believes that a series of oil deposits she has found in the Arctic may hold the key to our survival. That’s when she disappears—but not before sending Eleanor a series of cryptic messages that point to a significant and mysterious discovery. Now it’s up to Eleanor to go find her.

This search will launch Eleanor on a breathless race to unlock the mysteries of what has happened to our planet, solving the riddle of the cold that could be humanity’s end—and uncovering a threat to the earth that may not be of this world.

As a fan of the author, I have been looking forward to this new series for quite a while. Eleanor is a smart and determined girl who sets out to find her missing mother and uncovers an incredible conspiracy. Kirby’s ice age Earth is a unique dystopia, where heat is a scarcity.

The Arctic Code is the first in an exciting, science fiction, adventure series for middle readers. Packed with danger, suspense, and mystery – this is a fast-paced story that I thoroughly enjoyed. The unique world is linked to an intriguing premise that doesn’t disappoint. I look forward to the next installment that can’t come soon enough.

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