SciFi Book Review: The Prey

The Prey by Tom Isbell

After a radiation blast burned most of the Earth to a crisp, the new government established settlement camps for the survivors. At the camp, these sixteen-year-old “LTs,” are eager to graduate as part of the Rite. Until they learn the dark truth: “LTs” doesn’t stand for lieutenants but for Less Thans, feared by society and raised to be hunted for sport. They escape and join forces with the Sisters, twin girls who’ve suffered their own haunting fate. Together they seek the fabled New Territory, with sadistic hunters hot on their trail. Secrets are revealed, allegiances are made, and lives are at stake. As unlikely Book and fearless Hope lead their quest for freedom, these teens must find the best in themselves to fight the worst in their enemies.

Hope is a caring and capable girl who would do anything for her sister. Book is a smart and intuitive boy who learns the truth about his camp of “LTs” and wants to help everyone be freed from from the sadistic leaders. The two team up to save as many young people as they can. But with many obstacles along the way, the road will be nearly impossible.

The Prey is the first in a post-apocalyptic series for young adults. The more I read about this mysterious and devastated new world, the more I wanted to know. Loaded with non-stop suspense, drama, and intriguing characters – this story is completely captivating. There are plenty of twists and surprises along the way. And the ending made me pick up the sequel immediately.

Book Giveaway: Doctor Who: City of Death

Courtesy of BBC Books, I have a copy of Doctor Who: City of Death by James Goss for one (1) lucky winner!

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SciFi Book Review: Star Trek: The Original Series: The Latter Fire

Star Trek: The Original Series: The Latter Fire by James Swallow

The five-year mission of the Starship Enterprise has brought the vessel and her crew to the forefront of an important first contact situation. Under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, the ship is heading to the planet Syhaar Prime in the Beta Quadrant—the home world of an alien civilization preparing to take its first steps on to the galactic stage. One year earlier, the Enterprise came across a badly damaged Syhaari explorer vessel drifting in deep space. In collaboration with the explorer’s captain, Kirk and his crew were able to restore the ship to full function and send it on its way. And now, as the Syhaari display rapid technological advances made over the past year, hard questions must be asked. Did the Enterprise crew leak advanced technology or information to the Syhaari during their first encounter, in total violation of the Prime Directive?

Chekov steps off the Enterprise as a new, unique crew member joins. I really enjoyed the new character and only wish there had been more development or a backstory. However, the story was certainly entertaining and engaging. I read it in one day, as it was very hard to put down. The mystery and suspense surrounding the Syhaari and a sudden attack led to an intriguing premise. And as the mystery unfolded, the suspense only intensified.

This is a fantastic new adventure from a solid science fiction author. Fans of the original crew will definitely want to pick this one up.

Graphic Novel Review: Batgirl Vol. 2: Family Business

Batgirl Vol. 2: Family Business by Cameron Stewart (Author), Babs Tarr (Illustrator)

Over the past few months, Barbara Gordon has made some big changes to her Batgirl alter ego. She has a new look, new support team and new home base in Burnside—Gotham’s trendiest neighborhood. But just when she’s hitting her stride, her father drops a bombshell: Babs isn’t the only masked crime-fighter in the family anymore. Jim Gordon is the new Batman.

After the original Batman fell fighting the Joker, the former police commissioner was given a high-tech super-suit and asked to take up the mantle. With a team of G.C.P.D. officers watching his every move, Jim Gordon’s new law-and-order Batman has zero tolerance for vigilantism. He’s been ordered to arrest any unsanctioned superhero in Gotham—and Batgirl is next!

Batgirl returns in this second volume to fight some new villains, trying to stay off her father’s radar, all while trying to maintain social obligations as a maid of honor for her friend’s wedding.

The adventure, suspense, and colorful villains make for another fun read. The artwork is young and fresh-looking and adds to the light-hearted, young adult story. And I especially loved the appearance of Grayson and the interaction between the two. I hope for some more future crossovers like this. I’m really enjoying this Batgirl series with some solid writing and great characters.


Box Review: Marvel Collector Corps – February 2016 – Deadpool

Marvel Collector Corps

This is the 6th box from Collector Corps and the theme was Deadpool! The Marvel Collector Corps offers these boxes starting at $25 plus s/h.

Marvel Collector Corps

Each box comes with an exclusive badge and pin.

Marvel Collector Corps

Deadpool #1 Variant Comic (Retail $4.99 +) – Deadpool is a fun read. I just read Hawkeye vs. Deadpool graphic novel and highly recommend! I haven’t started this line yet, so I’m happy to give it a go.

Marvel Collector Corps

Funko Deadpool Tshirt (Retail $10?) – I’m usually not a fan of the Funko-looking characters on tshirts. And ANOTHER black shirt. But this is a pretty cool design. I like it.

Marvel Collector Corps

Deadpool Mopeez (Retail $10+?) – I actually have a similar one to this in another color (mostly red) from another mystery box. I don’t see this mostly black color available for purchase on Amazon, so I’m guessing it’s exclusive too!

EXCLUSIVE Deadpool Dorbz (Retail $10+?) – How cute is this Cowboy Deadpool?! I love it!

Marvel Collector Corps

EXCLUSIVE Deadpool Funko POP! (Retail ?) – This design is just fantastic! It’s probably one of the most unique I’ve seen. It’s hard to see from the picture, but Deadpool has his legs kicked up under him and swords swung out, in an awesome action pose. He has a clear plastic stand that slides up under his back, and not very stable. But I’m not really complaining, because I love it too much.

Summary: I was really disapointed with the last Collector Corps box. But they hit it out of the park with this one. The shirt was solid. And 3(!) exclusive (2 of them very unique) Funko figures! Funko set a high bar with the exclusive POP this month too.. I would love if all had such a unique mold. Well done!

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