Fantasy Book Review: Potion Masters: The Transparency Tonic

Potion Masters: The Transparency Tonic by Frank Cole

It has been nine months since Gordy and his friends, Max and Adilene, stopped Esmerelda from destroying B.R.E.W. and the Vessel. Gordy is starting the eighth grade, where he meets another Dram, Sasha Brexil, whose mother is the new President of B.R.E.W. Gordy has also been practicing new brewing techniques, and has even taken some of his potions to school—something expressly forbidden—but when he starts zoning out during practice, he knows something is wrong.

Strange things are also happening at B.R.E.W., because after Wanda confronts the dark Elixirists, she is unexpectedly fired by Mrs. Brexil. And in Greenland, Mezzarix is offered a chance to escape by an old friend, who is working for the mysterious Ms. Bimini. The woman reveals that she needs Mezzarix to replicate an unusual solution known as “Silt.” Mezzarix agrees on one condition: that Ms. Bimini uses the power of Silt to destroy B.R.E.W. forever.

Both B.R.E.W and the Vessel are in danger, and with the potion world in chaos, it’s up to Gordy, Max, and Adeline to rally the remaining Potion Masters before it’s too late.

Gordy has a new principal this year. And his daughter, Sasha, happens to be a Dram as well, studying to be an Elixirist. But Sasha’s mother takes over as the new president of B.R.E.W. and is particularly ruthless. Meanwhile, Adilene meets a new, mysterious, young friend as well who acts very strange. And a new force helps Mezzarix escape with a new endgame in mind.

The Transparency Tonic is the second installment in the Potion Masters series. This clever fantasy series is just as fun as the previous book – with plenty of adventure and suspense. B.R.E.W. is under attack again, but this time from a mysterious outsider. And Gordy’s new “friend” is extremely annoying and obnoxious. But the other characters were engaging – even the villainous ones. This story builds to a surprising conclusion and a bit open-ended. I look forward to the next in this exciting middle grade series that can’t come soon enough.

SciFi Book Review: Children of Jubilee

Children of Jubilee by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Since the Enforcers raided Refuge City, Rosi, Edwy, and the others are captured and forced to work as slave labor on an alien planet, digging up strange pearls. Weak and hungry, none of them are certain they will make it out of this alive.

But Edwy’s tech-savvy sister, Kiandra, has always been the one with all the answers, and so they turn to her. But Kiandra realizes that she can’t find her way out of this one on her own, and they all might need to rely on young Cana and her alien friend if they are going to survive.

When trying to prove the cruelty of the Enforcers, the children are captured and taken to an off-world prison. Each are forced to work in a mine in a seemingly hopeless situation. Until one little girl makes a strange friend.

Children of Jubilee is the third and final installment in this post-apocalyptic scifi series for middle readers. Rosi and Edwy and the rest of the kids that escaped are all together again. But their adventures have just begun. This final chapter is the most suspenseful and exciting yet. It was extremely hard to put down. And I loved the climactic ending with plenty of surprises along the way. I only wish this series would continue past the first 3 novels. These are great characters and a fun, unique setting. I definitely recommend this well-written and engaging series.

New Captain Marvel and The Skrull-Attack LEGO Set Review and Promo Clips

Captain Marvel releases on March 8th, and I’m so excited, that I’ve already asked for the day off to go see the movie on IMAX in the middle of the day.

I also ordered the Captain Marvel and The Skrull-Attack LEGO set the day it was available, direct from the website. It retails at $29.99. It’s a fun set with a cool Quinjet that shoots multiple missiles at once. And includes Captain Marvel, Fury, a Skrull, and Goose (formerly Chewie in the comics). It comes in 3 separate bags with clear instructions, and 1 page of stickers.

I only wish there were more LEGO sets for the film, as I’d buy them all!

Here’s the recent Captian Marvel featurette that just released:

Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel | Featurette

And a special look that just released as well… enjoy!

Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel | Special Look

Book Giveaway: Sinless and Fearless

Courtesy of Harper Voyager, I have a copy of Sinless and Fearless by Alec Nevala-Lee for one lucky winner!

Contest is open to US residents only. No PO Boxes please. To enter, just fill out the form below. Contest ends January 25. I’ll draw a name on January 26, and notify winner via email.


Good luck!

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Box Review: TeeBlox – December 2018


“Our TeeBlox shirts are all 100% official and licensed, guaranteed. Our CommunityBlox shirts are printed with 100% independent and original designs submitted by community artists.”

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* received a box for review purposes.

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