20Q Star Trek Giveaway!

Take 20Q Star Trek to Warp Speed and Win Big!

20Q.net is putting its artificial intelligence (A.I.) into warp speed to bring players 20Q(tm) STAR TREK, the latest version of the hugely popular game that can “read your mind.” By choosing a person, place or thing from the Star Trek Universe, you use your wits to keep the system from figuring out your answer in twenty questions or less. If the system can’t figure it out, you win! But first, the game needs to bone up on Star Trek trivia to be a worthy opponent.

20Q(tm) needs your help to assist the game in “learning” the world of STAR TREK, and all you have to do to contribute is play! With each play of the game, the system gets “smarter” and more challenging. By simply testing your STAR TREK knowledge, you can help bring the game to life as a real 20Q(tm) home game!

Think you can stump the system and win big? Play 20Q(tm) STAR TREK now!


To be officially entered, let us know (in a comment below or email giveaways at scifichick.com) whether you stumped the game or not, and which Star Trek term you chose while playing. Remember, try your best to be creative with your choices!

Prize pack includes: a Star Trek t-shirt and 20Q Simpsons game!

Contest is open to U.S residents. Contest ends October 15. I’ll draw a name on October 16, and notify winner via email and this site.

Good luck!

*Update: Feel free to enter as many times as you’d like, but you’ll only be entered more than once if you try a different word to stump the game!

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  1. I managed to stump it with Lenore Karidian. it did come close when it asked if I was thinking of Kodos the Executioner.

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