SciFi Book Review: The Arctic Code

The Arctic Code by Matthew J Kirby

It is the near future, and the earth has entered a new ice age. Eleanor Perry lives in Tucson, one of the most popular destinations for refugees of the Freeze. She is the daughter of a climatologist who is trying to find new ways to preserve human life on the planet. Dr. Perry believes that a series of oil deposits she has found in the Arctic may hold the key to our survival. That’s when she disappears—but not before sending Eleanor a series of cryptic messages that point to a significant and mysterious discovery. Now it’s up to Eleanor to go find her.

This search will launch Eleanor on a breathless race to unlock the mysteries of what has happened to our planet, solving the riddle of the cold that could be humanity’s end—and uncovering a threat to the earth that may not be of this world.

As a fan of the author, I have been looking forward to this new series for quite a while. Eleanor is a smart and determined girl who sets out to find her missing mother and uncovers an incredible conspiracy. Kirby’s ice age Earth is a unique dystopia, where heat is a scarcity.

The Arctic Code is the first in an exciting, science fiction, adventure series for middle readers. Packed with danger, suspense, and mystery – this is a fast-paced story that I thoroughly enjoyed. The unique world is linked to an intriguing premise that doesn’t disappoint. I look forward to the next installment that can’t come soon enough.

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