Angels and Demon… Slayers

I finished yet another drawing of my favorite X-Man, Angel. Though this is still my favorite one, I wanted to do something different. The piece to the left is done in prismacolor. A larger version can be seen here.

Colleen has presented a fun and meaningful contest. This week, for every good deed you post as a comment under this post, you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a Venator Survival Kit (see her post for more details) in honor of the countdown to the release of her new book, The Rest Falls Away! It’s more about doing good deeds and “paying it forward” than the reward though, right? Let’s see how many good deeds we can do for others this week, and in the spirit of the season!

Also, A Reader’s Journal/Booklogged is hosting another contest for a signed-copy of Colleen Gleason’s new book, The Rest Falls Away. So you’ll have another chance to win her book. This contest ends New Years Eve.

13 thoughts on “Angels and Demon… Slayers”

  1. Oh, wow, that’s gorgeous!!

    Finders Keepers arrived, yesterday, as I was leaving for the post office to mail your books!! Thank you!!!! Peek down inside the envelope when you get your books; I tucked in a Mississippi bookmark.

    I see you’re reading Sugar and Spice. I just bought that one, yesterday! We’ll just say great minds think alike. 🙂

  2. Ah, thanks! I like drawing on envelopes when I send packages, but what I worked on first ended up looking terrible.. So I scrapped it and just did simple planetoid stuff. Lame-o

    Yeah, I didn’t like the first story in Sugar & Spice at all, but I’m hoping 2 & 3 are good. I read the last one first, and it’s very cute.

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