Area 51 Interns: Alien Summer

Area 51 Interns: Alien Summer by James S Murray and Carsen Smith

It’s the first day of summer vacation, and Viv Harlow just wants to relax with her friends at the beach before they all go to different high schools next year. She is definitely not interested in visiting her mom’s office, even if Director Harlow works at the famous Area 51. But when an alarm sounds beneath the secret base and a whole race of aliens escape, she’s about to get much more than she bargained for. Viv, Charlotte, Ray, and Elijah (who Viv is totally NOT crushing on) will have to work together, gear up with gadgets, and even protect a baby alien to save the day and defend Area 51.

The debut middle-grade series from Murr of the Impractical Jokers, Area 51 Interns is filled with enough high-tech hijinks, bizarre creatures, and laugh-out-loud humor (plus an extra color insert full of gadgets) to make even alien skeptics hooked for more!

I’m a fan of Murr from Impractical Jokers, so I knew I had to check this new release out.

Viv and her friends have an adventure of a lifetime when they visit Area 51 for a Bring Your Kid to Work Day. Aliens escape and the adults are captured by the embittered aliens. And only Viv and her friends stand in the way. They stumble upon some hi-tech gadgets that give them a chance at standing up to aliens with strange abilities. This fun group of kids are bold and funny, as well as diverse and engaging characters. I really enjoyed this fast-paced, easy read. It’s a unique story with plenty of promise of an exciting new series. Middle-grade readers will enjoy the silly humor and clever gadgets. And a few pages of color extras are fun as well.

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