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The Rest Falls Away

Probably the last in the blogverse to read Colleen Gleason’s The Rest Falls Away, I’ve heard many rave reviews. And it certainly held up to the hype.

Victoria is a direct descendant of the Gardella vampire hunters, called Venators. There haven’t been many women Venators, but she willingly accepts her destiny as the next in line. But living a double life isn’t easy, a lady of the ton by day and vampire hunter by night. Dealing with suitors while trying to hide her secrets, Victoria soon finds herself in way over her head.

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Fool Moon

Fool Moon, by Jim Butcher is the second book in The Dresden Files.

With werewolves around every corner, Harry needs to track down the killer (or killers) of numerous bloody slayings that are happening every full moon. As before, there seems to be more than one person who wants Harry dead. And when tempted with dark magic, Dresden it may be too much for him to deny.

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Project U.L.F.

Stuart Clark kindly offered an advanced copy of his new book, Project U.L.F., for me to review.

Books like this simply validate my love of science fiction. Not only are his characters realistic and interesting, but the storyline is extremely engaging. From the time I first sat down to read, straight through to the end, I was captivated.

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Tagged Again…

Ok so Amy tagged me for this meme the other day. You have to write a blog about 10 odd, facts or habits about yourself. Then tag 10 people and visit there comments and tell them they’ve been tagged… I’ll just let those who choose to, consider themselves “tagged.”

1. I have been a science fiction fan for as long as I can remember. It probably stemmed from my father, since I watched whatever he did. This was mainly science fiction, action, and kung fu shows.

2. On the other hand, there are very few dramas that I like. If the point of the movie is to make you think, cry, or feel sorry for someone; I’m not going to like it. And I’m going to absolutely hate it if it doesn’t have a happy ending. Titanic? Hated it.

3. I’m 6′ tall. I take after my father, who’s 6’2″. I remember when I was in high school, finally realizing that my father wasn’t the average height for a man. I was disappointed, to say the least.

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13 Great TV Detectives

Having previously done 13 of my favorite Literary Detectives, it’s time for television’s. As you’ll notice, most of these shows were from the 80’s. It was hard to pull from other decades, as these were the years I was growing up; and I have a special fondness for most of those shows. So, here are my favorite 13 TV Detectives:

1. Remington Steele – He’s suave, British, and quotes old movies. Of course, he has to be number one. I’m also including Laura Holt here; as she’s the real detective. “The woman behind the man.” Laura just lets Steele “take all the bows.” She was the role model for young women back then. And Steele was just nice to look at.
Favorite Quotes: “Somebody always shoots at us when we’re kissing!”
And “Paramount, 1956, starring…”

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