DVD Review: Chuck The Complete Third Season

Chuck The Complete Third Season

Chuck: The Complete Third Season

Zachary Levi returns as the government’s geekiest spy in the third season of Chuck. Chuck Bartowski was a simple Buy More computer expert, part of the “Nerd Herd”, who accidentally uploaded the latest Intersect 2.0 to his brain. Now, Chuck doesn’t just know things, he has access to every kind of combat skill as well as other convenient skills. Chuck now as the potential to be a real spy. With the help of his handlers, Sarah and Casey, Chuck may have a chance. But Chuck’s big heart may be holding him back from being the detached agent that the government wants him to be.

Chuck and cast are back for another season of danger and suspense, and always plenty of laughs. The cast is solid. And the characters keep growing and developing. Just when I thought the show was getting stagnate, they upgrade Chuck to 2.0, giving the show a fresh new spin. I love the direction this latest season has gone. I hope the momentum continues. With a slew of fantastic special guest stars, this may be the best season yet.

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Special Gift with Dollhouse Season 2 Pre-Order

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