DVD Review: Sanctuary: The Complete First Season

Sanctuary: The Complete First Season

Sanctuary: The Complete First Season

When forensic psychiatrist Dr. Will Zimmerman encounters Dr. Helen Magnus, he is introduced to a whole new world of creatures from dreams and nightmares. Dr. Helen Magnus has taken the responsibility of providing a safe haven for “abnormals,” to protect them from the world and the world from them.

Amanda Tapping stars as Dr. Helen Magnus, the mysterious proprietor of the Sanctuary. Dr. Magnus’ daughter Ashley is an expert fighter/sharpshooter and monster hunter, played by Emilie Ullerup. Robin Dunne is Dr. Zimmerman, new to the Sanctuary but with special gifts of his own. Ryan Robbins adds comedy relief to the show as the tech-geek in charge of keeping the Sanctuary safe as Henry Foss. And Christopher Heyerdahl makes special guest appearances as villainous John Druitt, who shares a secret past with Dr. Magnus.

Each episode is a dark, suspenseful, action-packed, and humorous, with a new creature (and mystery) to face. The characters are well-written and brilliantly cast. With each episode, more is revealed about the characters and the overlying arc of the story. When John Druitt comes on the scene, he is immediately apparent as the sinister “bad guy.” But even he has a story and a reason for his actions.

With incredibly storytelling, fantastic characters, and stunning visual effects, Sanctuary is now one of my all-time favorite shows. It’s one no science fiction fan should miss.

Bonus Features:
– Audio commentaries with Amanda Tapping, creator Damian Kindler, director Martin Wood, etc.
– 3 Making-of featurettes: Welcome to the Sanctuary, Sanctuary Residents, and Sanctuary Visual Effects
Sanctuary: The Original Webisodes
– Bloopers
– Behind-the-Scenes Photo Gallery
– Season Two Sneak Peek

Sanctuary: The Complete First Season is available in stores now.

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