Interview with Jeffrey Thomas and a Free Download!

Solaris Books just issued this press release:
In March 2008, SOLARIS will be releasing the much-anticipated new Punktown novel from Jeffrey Thomas. BLUE WAR is a science fiction thriller set on a colony world in another dimension, with blue jungles and exotic cultures. Private investigator Jeremy Stake is brought in by military leaders to investigate cloned human remains found in an otherwise empty city, and it leads him into a plot that could ignite an old war between two alien races. To support the publication of BLUE WAR, SOLARIS will be offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of our first Punktown novel, DEADSTOCK.

DEADSTOCK will be released for free download on the 25TH JANUARY 2008, available in PDF as well as Mobipocket Reader format.

In honor of the upcoming download release of Deadstock, here’s an interview I recently had with author Jeffrey Thomas. Enjoy his answers to questions about Deadstock and Punktown, and then go read the novel next month, free from Solaris!

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13 Questions with Natasha Rhodes

In August, I posted a short review of Dante’s Girl, which I loved.

After begging and pleading for a couple months, I finally convinced Natasha Rhodes to agree to an interview. Okay, so maybe not begging and pleading, but I did bug her a few times. And I think you’ll agree that it was worth the wait. From Natasha’s answers below, you’ll be able to see her wit and hopefully it’ll prompt you to go read her book! Or you can just wait till tomorrow to enter a giveaway for Dante’s Girl. So check back tomorrow!

1. For those who haven’t yet read Dante’s Girl, can you give us a brief synopsis?

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13 Questions with Eric Brown

I reviewed Helix back in June, and recently had the opportunity to interview author Eric Brown!

Check back tomorrow for a giveaway of Helix!

Angela/SciFiChick: For those who haven’t read Helix yet, can you give us a brief synopsis?

Eric Brown: The Earth is failing ecologically and humanity must find another planet to colonise. The European Space Organisation sends a colony ship on a mission to find a suitable Earth-like planet. The ship crash-lands, on what the crew thinks is an uninhabitable, ice-bound planet. However, when the sun comes up, they find they’re on the lowest rung of a vast helix comprising of some ten thousand worlds. To survive they must trek up-spiral to find a clement world. On the way they meet all sorts of alien races, and attempt to discover who built the helix.

Angela: The setting, for the most part, is set on another world(s). Did you have a definite sense of what the Helix looked like when you wrote about it? Or did it reveal itself as you wrote?

EB: The former; it was the first thing that came to me. I was having dinner years ago at a friend’s place, and he had a lamp on the table with a kind of helical beading around a glass cowl. I thought at first it would make a neat space station. Later, it came to me that it would make an interesting planetary setting.

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Darrell Bain Interview

I recently conducted an interview with science fiction author Darrell Bain. He’s currently promoting his newest release, Savage Survival. So, we discussed his newest novel as well as some of his favorites…

Angela/SciFiChick: In your own words, tell us a bit about Savage Survival.

Darrell Bain: This is a story of survival, of an eleven year old girl, kidnapped along with millions of other humans by invulnerable aliens. It goes from her first horrifying experience after being thrown among undisciplined humans with no parents or guardian to help her, and on through a succession of terrible and harsh environments, where her only means of survival are her innate sense of honor, her bravery, and an unwavering belief in the goodness of most humans. It is a coming of age novel, describing her struggles to survive as she grows into a young woman, always wondering what the aliens have in mind for the few who will live through the cruel winnowing process. I love this heroine, Lyda Brightner. She is the epitome of a strong female character.

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13 Questions with Gail Martin!

Back in July I reviewed The Summoner, by Gail Martin. And just recently I was able to interview her and discuss her debut novel as well as the upcoming sequel.

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Angela/SciFiChick: For those who haven’t read The Summoner yet, can you give us a brief synopsis?

Gail Martin: In The Summoner, Tris Drayke discovers his rare magical talent as he flees for his life after the murder of his family. He is a Summoner, a mage who can mediate among the living, the dead and undead. In a world where ghosts are real, the undead respect an uneasy truce with the living and an ancient evil is about to reawaken, Tris is the Winter Kingdoms’ last best hope—if he can keep his new-found magic from destroying him.

Angela: Where do you get your ideas for your unique characters?

GM: Sometimes there’s a hint of a historical person in a character; that’s true with one of the minor characters in book 3 that I’m working on now. But most of the time, strange as this sounds, the characters kind of walk on stage in my mind and demand to be written into the story. When I need to know more about them, I picture them in my mind and ask them and they “tell” me. They have very distinct personalities, and I can’t force them to do something that isn’t right for their personality; it wouldn’t work.

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