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Iron Man Villains

SciFiWire gives info on the villains for the upcoming Iron Man movie:

Jon Favreau, director of the upcoming Iron Man film, hinted that the villains in the first of a hoped-for film franchise would grow out of the technology that allows playboy industrialist Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) to become Iron Man in the first place.

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Wednesday News and Thoughts

Superman News:
Looks like Kevin Spacey will be in the next Superman sequel. Superman: Man of Steel is supposedly set for a 2009 release. Two years away yet. It’s just torture to even read news items like this.

Kyle XY:
In Monday night’s episode, Kyle has embraced his gifts and finally sets about using them to help people. Namely his love interest, Amanda. This is his first real “case.” And he not only helps out the victim by sacrificing something valuable to him, but he actually helps out a thief as well. Kyle is truly every bit the boy scout that Clark Kent is. I just hope they don’t go the same route with the relationship with Amanda as they do with Lana in Smallville. The “will they, won’t they” thing gets old really fast. Especially, when in Smallville, you know they don’t end up together.

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Incredible Hulk

I just read in the latest edition of SciFi Magazine that Edward Norton has been cast by Marvel Studios to play Bruce Banner in the upcoming Incredible Hulk movie!

Set for a June 13, 2008 release, this latest installment will supposedly be “less self-serious and more in line with the comic series and TV show.”

When I talked to Lou Ferrigno at the Motor City Comic Con, he said that he’ll be in the upcoming movie as well.

Edward Norton is an amazing actor. And since they signed him on, I’m actually going to have higher hopes for this next one.
…Even though Hulk bombed and was a major disappointment.