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As the year comes to a close, here are my lists of favorite books published this past year, for both adults and youth/children.

Top 10 SciFi/Fantasy Books:
(Adult Category)

1. Touch of Twilight, by Vicki Pettersson

2. Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls, by David Mack

3. Child of a Dead God, by Barb and J.C. Hendee

4. The Host, by Stephenie Meyer

5. Dragonforge, by James Maxey

6. Goblin War, by Jim C. Hines

7. Dead To Me, by Anton Strout

8. Deja Demon, by Julie Kenner

9. Rogue Angel: Gabriel’s Horn, by “Alex Archer”/Mel Odom

10. Small Favor, by Jim Butcher

– If I was including reprints (hardback to paperback) in 2008, Star Trek: The Academy: Collision Course, by William Shatner, Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens and The Last Days of Krypton, by Kevin J. Anderson
would have certainly be on the list as well.

Because of the number of wonderful young adult and children’s book released this year, I decided to do a separate list.
Youth/Children’s Top 10 List:

1. Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague, by Brandon Mull

2. Vampirates: Blood Captain, by Justin Somper

3. Ranger’s Apprentice: The Battle for Skandia, by John Flanagan

4. The Youngest Templar: Keeper of the Grail, by Michael P. Spradlin

5. Pillage, by Obert Skye

6. Breaking Dawn, by Stephanie Meyer

7. The Stowaway: Stone of Tymora, by R.A. and Geno Salvatore

8. City of Ashes, by Cassandra Clare

9. Brisingr, by Christopher Paolini

10. Ranger’s Apprentice: The Sorcerer of the North, by John Flanagan

Of Note:
-Stephenie Meyer made both lists.
-John Flanagan placed on the youth/children’s list twice.
-Anton Strout was the only debut author that made the list.
-15 of the 20 novels are sequels in a series.
-3 novels are first in a new series.
-2 novels are stand alone.

Click here to view titles read in 2008.
Click here to view last year’s picks.

What were some of your favorites?

13 Books in My TBR Pile

These are just a fraction of my TBR pile. Most of these are early review copies, and some I’m just so far behind, they’re already out.
But I’m looking forward to them all…

1. Kethani, by Eric Brown*
2. Netherwood, by Michele Lang
3. Sideways in Crime, edited by Lou Anders*
4. The Deceived, by Brett Battles
5. The Last Angel, by Natasha Rhodes*
6. CodeSpell, by Kelly McCullough*
7. Devil May Care, Sebastian Faulks
8. The Iron Hunt, Marjorie M. Liu
9. Gordath Wood, by Patrice Sarath
10. Nightwalker, by Jocelynn Drake
11. Pax Britannia: Unnatural History, by Jonathan Green
12. Underground, by Kat Richardson
13. Sly Mongoose, by Tobias Buckell

* I have giveaway copies of these as well, so check back soon for those and more!

13 Unfortunate X-Men Costumes

With so many tacky costumes from the early years, this list was a lot of fun to assemble.

1. Cyclops – Those over-the-head hoods with attached goggles are anything but attractive.

2. Banshee – This should be at the top of any costume no-no. In any fight, DO NOT wear a giant bull’s-eye-target, unless you want to get yourself killed.

3. Storm – Flock of Seagulls fan?

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Top 10 Ways To Time Travel

Time travel is probably my favorite subjects in science fiction. And according to some of my favorite shows and movies, these seem like the best way to go about it.

10. Piggyback on the Borg’ time rift. You still have to deal with the Borg once you get there, so maybe that’s not the best option. (Star Trek: First Contact)

9. Invent a time machine that will allow you to possess someone’s body, but only within your own lifetime. (Quantum Leap)

8. Sling shot around the sun. Just don’t burn up in the process. (Star Trek: The Voyage Home)

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13 People to See at Motor City Comic Con

This Michigan-based con is one of my favorite genre conventions of the year. Listed are just some of the guests scheduled to appear at Motor City Comic Con in May. More will be added as the date gets closer.

Here are 13 actors and actresses I’m looking forward to seeing:

1. Avery Brooks – “Benjamin Sisko” from Star Trek: DS9

2. Denise Crosby – “Tasha Yar” from Star Trek: The Next Generation

3. Bruce Davison – “Senator Kelly” from X-Men

4. Micky Dolenz – Drummer for the The Monkees

5. Erik Estrada – “Officer Francis Llewellyn ‘Ponch’ Poncherello” from CHiPs

6. Lou Ferrigno – “The Hulk” from The Incredible Hulk (repeat guest)

7. Andee Frizzell – “Wraith Queen” from Stargate: Atlantis

8. M.C. Gainey – “Tom Friendly” from Lost

9. Walter Koenig – “Pavel Chekov” from Star Trek

10. Martin Klebba – “Marty” from Pirates of the Caribbean

11. Juliet Landau – “Drusilla” from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

12. Anthony Montgomery – “Travis Mayweather” from Star Trek: Enterprise

13. Cliff Simon – “Ba’al” from Stargate SG-1

Here’s a link to last year’s MCCC experience:

Motor City Comic Con ’07

13 Reasons to Watch Eli Stone

As a new and different comedy/law show/fantasy from ABC, Eli Stone has surprisingly become a fast favorite of mine. The premise: Eli Stone is a lawyer who begins having hallucinations. The hallucinations are the result of a brain aneurysm. But the hallucinations are strangely symbolic and seem to be coming from God. Eli is a reluctant prophet whose life gets turned upside down, but begins to change for the better.

So without further ado, here are 13 Reasons to Watch Eli Stone:

1. George Michael songs. Most of Eli’s hallucinations revolve around some of George’s best songs.

2. Jonny Lee Miller – Couldn’t have been better cast. Superb acting.

3. It’s funny. Singing and dancing and slaying dragons? Poor Eli finds himself unable to distinguish his visions from reality until after the fact.

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Top 13 SciFi/Fantasy Picks of 2007

Having read over 150 books this year, narrowing down my favorites was extremely hard. So I’ve kept the list limited to those published in 2007. Here are my top 13 SciFi/Fantasy picks of 2007:

1. Scent of Shadows: The First Sign of the Zodiac, by Vicki Pettersson
Reviewed here:

2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, by JK Rowling
Reviewed here:

3. Bitterwood, by James Maxey
Reviewed here:

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