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Well, if you’re bored today and have free text messaging, go to and click on “Mobile Scavenger Hunt.” Text “Hunt” to 20Fox (20-369) to get started. There are only 4 clues to find around the web, but it will be a little easier if you’ve already read Eragon (Inheritance, Book 1). If you get all the clues and answer all the questions correctly, you can get entered into a contest through your phone. It’s just a short scavenger hunt, and it would have been nice if it were longer and more difficult. But it was fun way to waste some time, just the same.

And the Eragon website has some cool graphics and images… getting me excited for the movie!

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  1. Thanks for telling about this website. My son loved Eragon, and read the sequel this summer while eagerly anticipating the third’s arrival. Several children in my class also adored this book, having read it with older siblings, so I’ll be sure to tell them about this site. I need to read the book myself. When I started it, I loved it, but got sidetracked with life’s tasks. I do want to finish it.

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