Event Horizon Limited-Edition Steelbook – Review

Event Horizon Limited-Edition Steelbook – Available today!

Seven years ago, pioneering research spacecraft “Event Horizon” mysteriously vanished without a trace on its maiden voyage. But then, in the darkness of deep space, a persistent signal prompts a crew to make their way through the galaxy on a bold rescue mission. What they uncover is an unimaginable interstellar horror that will test the entire team’s sanity and souls.

Directed by Paul Anderson (Resident Evil), EVENT HORIZON originally debuted in theaters on August 15, 1997 and has developed a large cult following over the ensuing 25 years. Known for its elaborate production design and unsettling visuals, the film features an exceptional ensemble cast, including Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix), Sam Neill (Jurassic World: Dominion), Kathleen Quinlan (Breakdown), Joely Richardson (“Nip/Tuck”), and Jason Isaacs (“Star Trek: Discovery”).

The Limited-Edition 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray SteelBook features exclusive slipcase packaging, the feature film on a 4K Ultra HD disc with Dolby Vision™ and HDR-10, access to a digital copy of the film, as well as the following legacy bonus content on Blu-ray Disc™:
1. Commentary by director Paul W.S. Anderson and producer Jeremy Bolt
2. The Making of Event Horizon – 5 Documentaries
3. The Point of No Return – the filming of Event Horizon with director commentary
4. Secrets – deleted & extended scenes with selectable director commentary
5. The Unseen Event Horizon
6. Theatrical Trailer
7. Video Trailer

As this is a movie that came out 25 years ago, most scifi fans my age and older have seen it. I was in college, and still remember how scary it was. If you haven’t seen it – and enjoy a good scifi/horror film set on a claustrophobic spaceship, shrouded in mystery – this is a memorable one.

I vividly remember Sam Neill and Laurence Fishburne and how fantastic they were. And I remember the psychological aspect being the most chilling part. This steelbook is a fantastic release. It may seem silly, but one of my favorite things is that it’s a similar size to other blu-rays and doesn’t take up more room than it needs to. Yet it looks very cool and is a fun collectible. And I look forward to checking out the extras – especially deleted and extended scenes.

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