Fantasy Book Review: Balance Keepers: The Pillars of Ponderay

Balance Keepers: The Pillars of Ponderay by Lindsay Cummings

Balance Keepers Albert, Birdie, and Leroy enter the underground watery Realm of Ponderay along with their archrival, Hoyt, in an attempt to reset the Balance of the Realm. If they don’t succeed in time, all of California above could be consumed by tsunamis and hurricanes.

Albert is rushed back to the Core when an emergency calls for a team to reset the Balance of a realm that’s causing havoc in California. Albert and his friends are once again pitted against the bully Hoyt and his team. Meanwhile, there seems to be a saboteur among them. And Albert and his friends try to track down the culprit.

The Pillars of Ponderay once again is a fun, light-spirited adventure for middle grade readers. This sequel is fast-paced and full of action, mystery, suspense, and intriguing characters. There is a good portion of the book where the teams are just training, trying to beat each other to “win” the place as the team who has to go save the day. The story dragged for me a bit here. But once past each training session, I thoroughly enjoyed the intrigue and guessing who the saboteur might be. The story left off in a way that left me excited for the next in this fresh fantasy series.

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