Fantasy Book Review: The Tale of a No-Name Squirrel

The Tale of a No-Name Squirrel by Radhika R Dhariwal

Squirrel never expected to be anything other than a slave: the last animal slave in Bimmau. That is, until he is invited to a high profile wedding and takes a sip of the forbidden ceremonial wine, unlocking a mysterious riddle. The riddle reveals that there is a key which has the power to grant Squirrel his freedom (and a name!), but also could enslave anyone in Bimmau. Disastrous if it falls into the wrong hands! Squirrel and his friends find themselves in a race to find Brittle’s Key before the army of crows gets to him…and before the mysterious Colonel finds the key first.

Squirrel and his friends embark on a big adventure to several lands with diverse creatures. With fun clues and plenty of intrigue, this is a fun story that all ages will enjoy. And the accompanying illustrations are gorgeous. The feel of the story reminded me of Disney’s The Rescuers – with plenty of danger and adventure, but still light-hearted. I thoroughly enjoyed this world of talking animals and a sweet, Squirrel with a good heart.

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