Fantasy Book Review: True Son

True Son by Lana Krumwiede

Four months ago, Taemon was able to stave off an invasion by the Republikite army by using tricks to convince his enemies that the people of Deliverance still had the telekinetic ability known as psi. Now, though, the truth of his deception has come to light, and the Republik is prepared to mount another attack, led by General Sarin and his son, Gevri. Once an ally, Gevri is fuming over Taemon’s perceived betrayal. Now that his father has put him in charge of a special archon unit, Gevri is ready to exact revenge on his foe—and, with Deliverance securely in the control of the Republik, to end the centuries-long war between the Republik and the Nau nations. Can Taemon—the supposed True Son and savior of Deliverance—find a way to save his people one last time?

After the events in Archon, Gevri is bitter and vengeful towards his once-friends. But when Gevri is captured by their common enemy, Taemon’s aid may help bring peace between Deliverance and the Republik. Meanwhile, Taemon ready’s his town for an invasion, believing that fleeing their homes may be their only way of evading conflict.

True Son is the final installment in The Psi Chronicles. There is plenty of drama and suspense as time runs out for the town of Deliverance. I was afraid I’d forgotten most of what happened in previous installments, but surprisingly most came back as I read. With strong characters, and engaging plot, and a satisfying conclusion – I thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy.

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