Fantasy Book Review: Wings of Fire: The Dark Secret

Wings of Fire: The Dark Secret by Tui T Sutherland

Like all the dragonets of destiny, Starflight has always wanted to see his home — but he’s also been afraid of his fellow NightWings. Starflight doesn’t have mindreading powers like his tribe, and he doesn’t understand why they’re so secretive. No one has ever even seen the NightWing queen.

But now Starflight is the dragonets’ only hope — he must find a way to negotiate with his fellow NightWings to free the RainWing dragons they’ve captured, and perhaps end the war in Pyrrhia altogether. Starflight is the smartest of the dragonets… but is he brave enough to speak up? Or will he falter in his mission, and accidentally betray them all?

This is the fourth book in the Wings of Fire series. And it almost entirely focuses on Starflight, now that he’s been taken to the NightWing lair. They’re extremely secretive, and wholly unimpressive once Starflight begins to learn about them. All he can think about is getting back to save his friends. But Starflight doesn’t think of himself as a hero. He’s used to doing the thinking, and letting the others save the day.

I really enjoyed this focus on the dark and mysterious Nightwings. And Starflight is a great character, very smart but humble and loyal to his friends. This series just keeps getting better. Full of suspense, mystery, and humor – this is a fantastic story of dragons as the central characters. This inspired series is a must-read for fantasy fans of all ages.

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