Fantasy Book Review: Witches with the Enemy

Witches with the Enemy by Barb Hendee

When seers Céline and Amelie Fawe fled Shetâna under threat of death, they vowed never to return. Yet, less than a year later, they are summoned back—to aid the man who once tried to kill them.

The cruel prince Damek is on the verge of closing marriage negotiations with the powerful family of a young noblewoman when his intended’s sister is murdered. To keep the engagement from falling through, Damek must expose the killer quickly—and he needs the seers’ powers to do so. Though the Fawes’ patron, Prince Anton, fears that bringing Céline and Amelie to Shetâna places them in grave danger, he is honor-bound to help his brother Damek.

Only none of them is prepared for the peril that awaits them at Castle Kimovesk—for someone in the court is determined to prevent the marriage from happening, no matter how deadly the cost.

Céline and Amelie are needed to solve a murder at prince Damek’s castle. Damek is a psychopath, often referred to as something is “broken inside of him.” It’s very surprising that Anton would agree to Damek’s request, knowing that the sisters may be in danger. But, to both princes, their future as ruler comes first in all decisions.

Witches with the Enemy is the third installment in the Mist-Torn Witches series. Though, each can be read as a standalone mystery. There is character development throughout the series, but no embedded story arc that prevents them from being read out of order. I absolutely love Hendee’s characters, especially Céline and Amelie – two very different sisters. They each have some romantic interests too, though that is only touched upon briefly at times. Full of suspense, drama, intrigue, and eccentric characters – this mystery is inventive and captivating. And as always, I look forward to the next in this highly enjoyable fantasy series.

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