Hawthorn Moon Giveaway and More!

In honor of Hawthorn Moon, Gail Z. Martin is offering up free goodies and a sneak peak at her upcoming book Dark Haven.

Giveaway: Two signed set of books —The Blood King and a limited-edition ARC of The Blood King. Simply fill out the form below to be entered. Contest ends June 28th.

Here’s a link to the new cover art by Michael Komarck: http://www.chroniclesofthenecromancer.com/dhart.html

Click here for Excerpt 1:

Click here for Excerpt 2:

Dark Haven is Book Three in The Chronicles of The Necromancer by Gail Z. Martin, published by Solaris Books. It will be released in February, 2009.

In Dark Haven, the effects of Jared the Usurper’s reign of terror go further than anyone imagined, striking at the stability of the Winter Kingdoms. Undead forces align against Lord Jonmarc Vahanian of Dark Haven in a struggle for power between mortals and the vayash moru. Magic has become a dangerous and unpredictable force. As King Martris Drayke prepares for his wedding, he must also prepare for war against rebels still loyal to Jared. Isencroft is on the brink of civil war over the looming reality of a joint kingdom. Only one thing is certain—the Winter Kingdoms will be changed forever, and innocence is the first casualty.

18 thoughts on “Hawthorn Moon Giveaway and More!”

  1. My disabled wife of more than 38 years just LOVES to read – anything and we can not afford to buy books!
    Thanks for the great contests!

  2. I love to read,. This looks like a great contest. Wish I could send a box of books to Clifton Wade’s wife.

  3. Clifton, try looking at some of the swapping sites–paperbackswap.com; swaptree.com, etc. It’s an easy and much cheaper way to get lots of books, especially if you use the boxer option. Hope you don’t mind me using this to tell him that, but since I have no other way to try to contact him, thought I might do this. He still might not see it, but worth a try.
    Also, haven’t read any of this series, but looks interesting.

  4. I would really enjoy winning this book! Please enter me in your fabulous giveaway. Many thanks, Cindi

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