Last Flight Out – Graphic Novel Review

Last Flight Out by Marc Guggenheim (Author), Eduardo Ferigato (Illustrator)

With less than 24 hours before the last ark leaves a dying Earth, Dr. Ben Caewood’s daughter Sara has gone missing.

Finally, the critically-acclaimed series about a father and daughter trying to reconcile at the end of the world is collected into a single, unforgettable graphic novel from Marc Guggenheim (Arrow, X-Men) and Eduardo Ferigato (Radiant Black).

Last Flight Out is a fast-paced adventure with thrilling suspense and drama. Dr. Caewood has dedicated his entire life to building ships that could save humanity, even at the expense of his relationship with his daughter. Now, with the last ship about to leave Earth, he risks his own safety in order to find Sara and save her.

The pulse-pounding suspense makes this a quick read – and makes it hard to put down. The artwork is rough and dark, wholly matching the mood of the story. The premise seems a bit familiar, like I’ve read a similar novel or watched a similar show. And the twists are fairly predictable. But sense of foreboding and intensity kept me engaged – it’s a compelling plot for a reason. The final scene was a bit confusing at first, as I mistook one of the characters for another. But it’s left open-ended – not a cliffhanger, but a hint of another intriguing story. And I would gladly read more if this series is continued in some manner.