Portrait Giveaway – Superman!

Well, the majority rules in this case.
I’ll be giving away the above portrait, that I drew this past summer of Brendan Routh as Superman. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below and state your favorite form of Superman: from comics, various movies, tv, etc.

There are so many to choose from; but my favorite is still Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of Superman in the first two Richard Donner movies.

* I’ll be picking the winner on March 5th, so make sure to post your comments before then!

17 thoughts on “Portrait Giveaway – Superman!”

  1. I love the old cartoon Superman. I’m not sure what era they are from but I loved to watch them with my mom. She would tell me stories about when she first saw them on TV.

    but your right about C. Reeve, he was a wonderful Superman.

  2. “Every story has a beginning…” and that’s why Smallville is my favorite part of the Superman mythos. I really enjoy Tom Welling’s version of Clark Kent. It’s been a thrill seeing Clark develop his powers and character with each new season. And then there’s the added bonus of seeing Lex Luthor become the evil villian as Metropolis knows him as.

    By the way, cool artwork!

  3. Christopher Reeves made you believe a man could fly.

    Still even after saying that I would have to say my favorite version is Smallville. This show did something that so far has been impossible to do…make Lex interesting. In fact the first few seasons of Smallville Lex was my favorite character as you could see him trying to be good but fighting off his evil nature.

  4. We enjoy Smallville because we like Tom Welling and the complexity of Lex. Sometimes it’s hard to hate him. Our kids, including Bryan think of Welling when Superman is mentioned (he is, after all, a kid who has worn plaid & jeans). But some of our favorite movie nights are Superman marathons. There’s just something about Christopher Reeves…..All of our kids are enthralled by the characters, and I’m sure Bryan wants to know how to change into flying clothes in a second flat. (He played at the park–his first time in a real, big kid swing, and he yelled, “I Duperman!” as the swing carried him through the air. If only we had a camcorder!)

  5. Well, I have to deviate from what everyone else has said.

    I agree about C. Reeve but since I’m voting for my five-year-old I have to choose Routh just because that’s who my daughter would associate with Superman.

    I guess it’s time for me to start showing her the Donner films as well.

  6. I think my favorite form of him is the most recent Superman movie, but most of that has to do with the fact that he resembles Christopher Reeve, but in a more updated fashion. I think Reeve set the iconic image that will forever remain the standard for this character.

  7. No one has mentioned Dean Cain, interesting. I loved his version. I finally saw chemistry between Lois Lane and Clark Kent. I loved Christopher Reeves, but I just couldn’t buy him and Margot Kidder together. But Dean Cain playing out CK’s infatuation with Teri Hatcher’s Lois Lane was great. Especially after Lois was cloned and came out of her mind numbing spell into the hands of a manipulative psychartrist. So, I’ll break from the George Reeves (1st and great) Christopher Reeves (Spectacular version) and Tom Welling’s preincarnation, not mention the comics and go with Dean Cain’s Superman in the ultracool black costume with the silver S.

  8. Top, I see you’re on here too! Yay!! I think Terri Hatcher was the best Lois Lane so far. Erica Durance on Smallville would be second. You’re right about the whole Reeve and Kidder chemistry, it could have been better.

  9. Personally, as for “real life” Superman, I would choose Christopher Reeve. I was in high school when the first one came out and I was blown away. It was perfect for the time.

    But, these days, my younger daughter, Rachel (18), has turned into a real movie buff. And though she too loves Christopher Reeve, she very much loves and embraces the Brendan Routh Superman as well.

    I’d really have to flip a coin to choose, but in deference to my daughter I’ll say Brendan is Superman. He’s the choice of a new generation of Superman fans. (To steal Pepsi’s phrase.)

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