School of X: A Marvel: Xavier’s Institute Anthology – Book Review

School of X: A Marvel: Xavier’s Institute Anthology stories by Jaleigh Johnson, Robbie MacNiven, Cath Lauria, Amanda Bridgeman, Pat Shand, Neil Kleid, Carrie Harris, and edited by Gwendolyn Nix

The next generation of the astonishing X-Men grow into true super heroes against their deadliest enemies, in this wide-ranging Marvel anthology.

The New Charles Xavier School for Gifted Mutants isn’t all it’s cracked up to be: The food is so-so, and it’s cold eleven out of twelve months, not to mention the creepy bunker vibes with mysterious tech popping up all over the place. But for the latest mutants to take on the mantle of X-Men, it’s home. Under the stewardship of Emma Frost, Cyclops, and Magneto, these new recruits learn to control their powers and defeat villainy. Yet danger lurks within the academy, and it isn’t just monsters or evil geniuses. Now, these fresh X-Men must take what they’ve learned and put their unique powers to the test against unexpected adversaries – from cyborgs and the undead to temporal chaos, and even alternate versions of themselves.

Each of these seven original short stories feature a different student. I was familiar with a lot of them, since I’ve read some recent New X-Men comics. But I enjoyed each unique story which varied from psychological thriller to action-packed. I’m not usually a reader of many anthologies, but this was a lot of fun, with engaging, super-powered characters. And while each story is from a different mutant’s point of view, they all attend the same New Charles Xavier School for Gifted Mutants with teachers Cyclops, Emma Frost, and Magneto showing up at times – which gives the anthology cohesion. The story that was most memorable for me was a Kid Omega story involving time travel and some personal reflection that the extremely powerful mutant must face. Fans of this generation of young X-Men will enjoy this exciting book.

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