SciFi Book Review: The Far Dawn

The Far Dawn by Kevin Emerson

The Three is a lie.
The Three will fail.

Having barely escaped Desenna, Owen and Lilly are on their own now, two of the three Atlanteans on a journey to find Atlantis and protect it from the selfish greed of their nemesis Paul and Project Elysium. The horrors of the desert are behind them, yet the secrets buried in the ice ahead have the power to destroy not only the earth but the bond between Owen and Lilly, too. As time grows short and darkness overtakes the planet, Owen must face Paul’s greatest treachery yet.

Full of heartrending decisions, pulse-pounding action, and fascinating questions of science and ethics alike, The Far Dawn takes readers on an explosive journey through time and space. At the far ends of the earth, Owen must choose—does he save the planet, or the people he loves?

Owen and Lilly in a mad dash to reach Atlantis before Paul does. But there are several more hurdles along the way before they reach their goal. Though, their relationship is stronger than ever.

The Far Dawn is the final installment in a fast-paced, exciting trilogy. I do recommend reading a recap if you haven’t read the last books in over a year, as there are quite a few names I forgot along the way. The mythology was a bit confusing for me as well, with the crystal skull fantasy elements blending with the distant-future SciFi setting. Highly entertaining and unique, the story is refreshingly unpredictable. My favorite scene was early on – involving people stuck in a never-ending, violent computer game who originally wanted an escape from the harsh outside world, but found their utopia too boring. The pulse-pounding adventure builds to a surprising and dramatic conclusion that readers will not want to miss.

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