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I received Swoon, by Nina Malkin, from the Amazon Vine program.

Candice (Dice) has recently moved to the small town of Swoon, Connecticut from New York. With her psychic visions, she is able to notice when her cousin becomes possessed with the ghost of a young man names Sinclair. Sinclair (Sin) is obsessed with avenging the death of his young love, and begins to take it out on the entire town of Swoon. Dice feels an attraction for Sin and finds herself caught up in Sin’s mission.

This is probably the worst novel I have ever read, and not just from a content standpoint. There is loads of sexual content throughout as well as drug and alcohol use, which are actually shown in a positive light. That’s right. The novel actually condones drug use. Dice and her friends get high, often. And it’s attributed to opening their minds and it being freeing. If that’s not bad enough, Dice thinks that she’s in love with this ghost boy who is out to destroy the descendants of the people who hurt him and his long-dead lover. What does she see in him beyond his looks? Nothing. There is nothing about him that you could possibly put in a positive light. Not even the sex scenes could save this dire read either. You would have a much better time watching a video on a website like porn7 xxx if you are in the mood for some adult entertainment.

I can’t even give the main storyline a good word. The plot was strange and confusing. The characters were completely unlikeable. Dice’s psychic gift didn’t make much sense, other than being able to see the ghost. Other reviewers are comparing this to Twilight. Other than there being a little romance and teenage angst, there is no comparison. Don’t bother with this one. It’s boring, confusing, and quite a disappointment.

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  1. It is refreshing to read an honest review. So many rewiewers, it seems, just try to be nice. I don’t have unlimited funds, so I read reviews and blogs looking for an honest answer. This is one I will wipe off my to buy list, or at least wait for the library copy. Thanks for a great-honest review.

  2. I thank you for this extremely honest review as well! I was looking at this book in B&N when it came out but put it back because it was too much money in hardcover. At the time I hadn’t even heard of the book but the Twilight comparrison in a blurb in the book or on the book, forgot which, had intrigued me. I went on Amazon when I got home and saw so many negative reviews that I decided not to bother. I can’t understand how a book like this is classified as YA. It doesn’t sound like I would like it at all so thank you again for saving me some money!

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