Spider-Man’s Social Dilemma – Book Review

Spider-Man’s Social Dilemma by Preeti Chhibber

Peter Parker has been swinging and thwipping his way through New York City as Spider-Man for just a few months, and balancing his double life is complicated. He goes to school and tries not to embarrass himself in front of his crush, MJ; he takes photos for the Daily Bugle and tries not to embarrass himself in front of his boss, J. Jonah Jameson; and he fights crime in the evenings and . . . well, he’s kind of always trying to not embarrass himself. Easier said than done when you’re a teen with spider powers you’re still getting used to.

On top of all that, the notorious villain the Sandman is acting more strangely than ever, social media seems to be taking a toll on MJ, and someone keeps trying to steal an artifact that’s supposedly powered by alien matter . . . which can’t be good. Something eerie is going on, and Peter is determined to figure out what it is before things go from weird to dangerous.

This middle grade, Spider-Man novel is the first in a planned 3-book series. Chhibber pens the young Peter Parker I know and love – with plenty of humor, awkwardness, and a new mystery to unravel. Peter tries to juggle a school project teamed up with MJ, a budding relationship her, and a new job at the Daily Bugle – all while moonlighting as Spider-Man and investigating recent strange happenings involving an old lamp. This story was a lot of fun, with humor, adventure, mystery, and a bit of young romance. The big finale did seem a bit rushed, and we don’t find out the truth behind the artifact. But I’m guessing it will be explained further on in the series. Marvel fans of all ages will enjoy this web-slinging romp.

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