SciFi Book Review: Star Trek: The Next Generation: Armageddon’s Arrow

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Armageddon’s Arrow by Dayton Ward

It is a new age of exploration, and the U.S.S. Enterprise is dispatched to “the Odyssean Pass,” a region charted only by unmanned probes and believed to contain numerous inhabited worlds. Approaching a star system with two such planets, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew find a massive alien vessel, drifting in interstellar space for decades. Sensors detect life aboard the derelict—aliens held in suspended animation. Thought to be an immense sleeper ship, the vessel actually is a weapon capable of destroying entire worlds…the final gambit in a war that has raged for generations across the nearby system. Captain Picard is now caught in the middle of this conflict and attempts to mediate, as both sides want this doomsday weapon…which was sent from the future with the sole purpose of ending the interplanetary war before it even began!

The Next Generation continues with a new mission of exploration, getting back to its roots. There are some original characters as well as new crew members with developed stories throughout the series. This latest story involves new interstellar conflict, time travel, and mysterious ship.

Armageddon’s Arrow is an exciting and engaging installment. Full of mystery, suspense, action, drama, and intrigue – this author’s contributions are always a must-read for me. The time travel aspect and intriguing alien conflict were the highlight for me. This story is well-paced with plenty of surprises that builds to a climactic finale that doesn’t disappoint. Fans won’t want to miss this latest TNG novel.

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