Evil Ways

Evil Ways

Evil Ways, by Justin Gustainis

In this sequel to Black Magic Woman, Quincey Morris must once again search for killers involved in black magic. When Libby Chastain is attacked in her own home, she and Quincey soon discover that other white witches across the country are being killed. And the FBI is investigating another child killer. Both trails lead back to an extremely powerful man with extremely evil plans.

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Anton Strout Interview

SciFiChick.com recently interviewed Anton Strout, author of Dead To Me (2008) and Deader Still, coming February 24th.

Can you tell us a bit about Simon Canderous?

Anton Strout: I could, but then the Department of Extraordinary Affairs might send someone after me. Let’s see.. he’s just this guy with a retractable steel bat who wants to do good. Oh, and when he touches things, he can read the history of them. It’s called psychometry, and in Deader Still, he’s a bit better at it than he had been in the previous book. He was a psychometric hot mess in that one.

Where do you get your ideas for your characters?

AS: I think most are an amalgam of various traits I pick up from everything I read, watch or do. For instance, there are elements of the Simonverse that are very much inspired by Joss Whedon and his characters. I like that level of humor laughing in the face of danger simply because the only other path would lead to madness. Bits of people I know, things that I find fascinating in them, get fed into my characters and their personalities. To be particular, Simon comes from a story within John Irving’s The World According to Garp. It’s about a man who has magic gloves that let him fix the world, but he can’t feel anything. Something about that was so bitter and poetic, I had to explore the idea myself and what came out of that was Simon.

Who would you choose to play your characters in a film version of your novels?

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