Giveaway: Catching Fire Prize Pack

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On behalf of Scholastic, is celebrating the release of Suzanne Collins’ Catching Fire, releasing 09.01.09, by offering a Catching Fire Prize Pack for 3 lucky winners. Details below.

Having just passed the ultimate test of survival—the Hunger Games—sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark defied the Capitol and their harsh rules. But even as both won their families a life of safety, now the Capitol wants revenge. Despite her feelings for Gale Hawthorne, Katniss must showcase her love for Peeta on a cruel Victory Tour, and the stakes are higher than ever. Rumors of unrest are spreading quickly, and to Katniss and Peeta’s shock, they’ve become the face of a dangerous rebellion. But how will they be able to take on the Capitol and protect their families? In Catching Fire, the second installment of the Hunger Games, only one thing is certain: sparks will fly!

Three (3) lucky winners will receive:
– limited edition promotional T-shirt
– collectible mocking jay pin
– copy of Catching Fire

The Catching Fire book promotion is open to participants with a United States mailing address only (international readers can enter if you have a friend in the States who can accept your prizes by mail!). Entrants under age 13 must have parent or guardian permission to enter. The Catching Fire book promotion runs from September 1 to September 15, 2009. Winners will be announced on or around September 16, 2009. To enter, just fill out the form below.

Good luck!

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Fall 09/10 SciFi/Fantasy TV Listing

Want to know when your favorite SciFi/Fantasy show premiers? Look no further. Here is a listing of every new and returning show coming this fall, listed in order of air date and by station below. And click on the link to view the official site.

Currently On:

Defying Gravity – Sunday nights on ABC.

Warehouse 13 – Tuesday nights on Syfy.

Eureka – Friday nights on Syfy.

Ghost Hunters – currently airs Wednesday nights on Syfy.

Being Human season finale Saturday August 29th on BBC America.

September 9th:

Destination Truth returns Wednesday, September 9th on Syfy.

September 10th:

Vampire Diaries premiers Thursday, September 10th on the CW.

Supernatural returns Thursday, September 10th on the CW.

September 12th:

Robin Hood returns Saturday, September 12th on BBC America.

September 17th:

Fringe returns Thursday, September 17th on FOX.

September 21st:

The Big Bang Theory returns Monday September 21st on CBS.

Heroes returns Monday, September 21st on NBC.|shows|dropdown

September 23rd:

Eastwick premiers Wednesday, September 23rd on ABC.

September 24th:

Flash Forward premiers Thursday, September 24th on ABC.

September 25th:

Smallville returns Friday, September 25th on the CW.

The Ghost Whisperer returns Friday, September 25th on CBS.

Medium returns Friday, September 25th on CBS.

Dollhouse returns Friday, September 25th on FOX.

October 2nd:

Stargate Universe premiers Friday, October 2nd on SyFy.

October 9th:

Sanctuary returns Friday, October 9th on Syfy.

November 3rd:

V premiers series premiere Tuesday, November 3rd on ABC.

November 7th:

Legend of the Seeker returns the weekend of November 7th on various local channels.

No specified date this Fall:

Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars premieres Fall 2009 on BBC AMERICA. Two further specials will premiere late 2009 and early 2010.


Lost returns early 2010.

Human Target premiers Wednesday, January 20th on FOX.

Caprica premiers January 22, 2010.

Past Life premiers Midseason 2010 on FOX.

Chuck returns Mondays in March 2010 on NBC.|shows|dropdown

Day One premiers Mondays Post-Olympics in 2010 on NBC.


By TV Station:

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SciFi TV Linkage

The TV Addict posted spoilerish photos from the upcoming season premier of the Big Bang Theory:

SciFiWire posted new images from the upcoming season 2 of Fringe:

Watch the entire season of The Listener online now:

Book Review: Pulse

Pulse: A Chess Team Adventure

Pulse: A Chess Team Adventure, by Jeremy Robinson

An elite team of agents, each named after chess pieces, are called in to assist one of their own in Peru. When the remains of the legendary Hydra creature are found, a ruthless entrepreneur seeks to use its genes to create a means of regeneration and immortality. But the initial tests, cause nasty side effects in their experiments, creating monstrous killing machines.

Pulse combines advanced genetics and mythology, to make a thrilling adventure of massive proportions. The story is fast-paced and action-packed. It read a bit like watching an action film, not much character depth but plenty of gun, explosions, killing, and dismemberment.

I picked this one up for a change of pace from my usual science fiction/fantasy stock, and was more than impressed with Robinson’s writing style and flare for suspense. Fans of James Rollins and similar thriller writers should enjoy this edge-of-your-seat adventure. The Chess Team is off to a great start.

Book Review: Youngest Templar: Trail of Fate

Youngest Templar: Trail of Fate

The Youngest Templar: Trail of Fate, by Michael Spradlin, is 2nd in the Youngest Templar series.

Following the events in the previous novel, young Tristan has escaped the evil Sir Hugh, only to wash upon shore in the midst of a group of French Cathars. Not knowing if his friends are alive, Tristan must still guard the Grail and keep it from Sir Hugh who never seems to be very far away. Meanwhile, Tristan finds himself falling for the leader of the Cathars, and embroiled in the midst of their own conflict as well.

Tristan is a wonderful character, with deep conviction and honor. He’s brave, humble, and extremely bright. When faced with tough decisions, he stands by his promise, even when it may not be the popular opinion.

With just as much adventure and suspense as the first, this sequel was a fast and enjoyable read. With another cliffhanger ending, fans will be eagerly awaiting the next installment. And I am one of them. This quest-based fantasy is a wonderfully fun and exciting story for young fantasy fans.

The Youngest Templar: Trail of Fate will be released from Putnam Juvenile on October 29, 2009.

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