Leverage Returns and Dark Blue Begins Tonight

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“I love it when a plan comes together.”
Tonight on TNT, a new season of Leverage begins. With its witty humor and clever cons, this series became a fast favorite of mine during its first season. Last season ended with the group splitting up. But each of them realizes going back to their old lives isn’t so easy. Helping people has changed them. This next generation of the “A-Team” is back and better than ever.

And a new series premiers before Leverage called Dark Blue. It’s dark and gritty undercover cop show, and a great pairing to Leverage.

Here’s a link to my review of tonight’s pilot of Dark Blue at BuzzFocus:

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Evermore, by Alyson Noel is the first in The Immortals series.

Surviving a near-death experience, Ever emerged from a car crash that killed her entire family. Since that event, Ever can now hear people’s thoughts, though she tries her best to tune them out. But when a new boy at school provides blissful silence in her mind, Ever finds herself drawn to the mysterious Damen that has some strange abilities of his own.

Noel has created a diverse and captivating group of characters, which immediately pulled me into the story. The story is gripping and the suspense doesn’t let go. Shrouded in mysteries and surprises, this was a highlight of my summer reading. Fans of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series should enjoy this similar teenage-angst-ridden-fantasy series. This is a promising start to a fascinating story of Immortals, without the blood-sucking but all of the intensity.

Paulo Costanzo Interview

Paulo Costanzo plays the role of Evan Lawson on USA Network’s hit original series Royal Pains, which airs Thursdays at 10:00/9:00 central.
Tonight’s episode is titled, “No Man is an Island.” Be sure to tune in!

Keep reading for Costanzo’s conference call transcript with various media outlets…

What was it about the show Royal Pains that made you originally want to be a part of it?

Well, you know, as an actor in L.A. between projects it’s very competitive right now. So you pretty much, if there’s a role that you like, usually there’s at least 80 other actors who are petitioning for the same role. So I was in audition mode and this is one of the things that came across my desk because I have a giant desk as an actor, full of thousands of scripts. It’s just a room that is a desk that I can also dance on top of if I want. Across that desk came this script and I thought the character was kind of easy for me. It just kind of fit instantly. A lot of roles you read and you’re like okay, I know I have to start the character work and try to get to this place where I can play this guy. This one is just I already had it, kind of, inside me. So yes, I just went in with that in mind. That was a horrible answer to that question.

You have great on-screen chemistry with Mark. Is it something that happened instantly between you guys or did you do something to develop such a great rapport?

Well when I went in for the first audition, I got the callback pretty much the same day. The callback was for a chemistry read, which means that they bring you in to read with other actors who have already been cast to see how you get along with them. So I went in for this chemistry read, and at that time I was reading for the best friend, not the brother. There was no brother in the script. It was just Hank’s best friend, Evan, with some other last name. So I went in and I walked in the door, and I looked at him and he looked at me and I said, “Wait a minute. You look exactly…” and he finished my sentence by saying, “Like me!” And we both went, “What the hell?” And in my head I was like, I lost this role. There’s no way I can play this man’s best friend. I look exactly like him, just younger.

So at that point I said, “It looks like…” At that point I threw caution to the wind. It was just, like, I honestly feel like our Jew-fros, like if they got too close in proximity, they would just magnetize together and be almost impossible to separate, like Velcro. And he went, “Yes, I agree.” And I said, “Let’s try it.” And we got close and we somehow strangely mimed this head mashing, which made the room laugh, which I thought was really funny. And I was like ah, and that’s how we began our relationship.

They showed off some of your amazing dancing skills on the show. Is it something that was choreographed or did you improv?

That was written as a very short thing. Evan dances around the kitchen preparing for the thing passionately. And I came to Don Scardino, who directs a lot of 30 Rocks. I believe he’s the producer of 30 Rock. And I said, “I’m going to go this week and get a choreographer, so I actually have a couple ballet moves I can throw in there.” And he goes, “Aw, don’t worry about it. No, I’ve got this great girl.” And God strike me down I can’t remember her name right now, but she choreographed everything for 30 Rock and everything for Saturday Night Live over the last ten years. So she’s like a pro. And she showed up, and we worked for about an hour, and between the three of us we came up with that strange dance, which still makes me feel slightly uncomfortable to watch, but people seem to like.

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