The Book Eaters – Book Review

The Book Eaters by Sunyi Dean

Out on the Yorkshire Moors lives a secret line of people for whom books are food, and who retain all of a book’s content after eating it. To them, spy novels are a peppery snack; romance novels are sweet and delicious. Eating a map can help them remember destinations, and children, when they misbehave, are forced to eat dry, musty pages from dictionaries.

Devon is part of The Family, an old and reclusive clan of book eaters. Her brothers grow up feasting on stories of valor and adventure, and Devon―like all other book eater women―is raised on a carefully curated diet of fairy tales and cautionary stories.

But real life doesn’t always come with happy endings, as Devon learns when her son is born with a rare and darker kind of hunger―not for books, but for human minds.

The Book Eaters is a dramatic and unique novel with a distinct feel of gothic horror. Devon and most of the family she grew up with are book eaters – who gain sustenance from actually eating books. But when she gives birth to a mind eater, she decides to protect him at all costs.

Wow, I loved this captivating and suspenseful fantasy! The characters are engaging and the world is well-developed and fascinating. The mind eaters may be reminiscent of zombies or vampires, yet these beings are alive and aware. And both races gain the memories and knowledge of the people or books they consume. It’s every bit as creepy as it sounds. I was hooked right away and enjoyed every bit of Devon’s thrilling and unpredictable adventure.

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