16 thoughts on “We Think, Therefore We Are Giveaway!”

  1. I thoroughly enjoy Sci-Fi, and some of the most memorable stories ever were in anthologies! I want this book!

  2. I love to watch Sci-Fi shows like Dr. Who, Star Trek, Eureka, StarGate Atlantis, and many others. These are awesome shows and we now have some of the items the original Star Trek series started like the flip phone. I can’t wait for the items to be made!

  3. Crowther does great stuff with his PS Publishing, his magazine Postscripts and has done excellent anthologies. This sounds interesting…

  4. Which came first the chicken or the egg? I definately would love to read this, my creative juices need a work out-As you can plainly see.

  5. I have to wonder if there aren’t TWO completely separate comment entry forms here, and only ONE of them is valid for entering your giveaway!!

    If I read it correctly, the visible comments posted here are NOT correctly entered, while the comment entry form at the top IS the correct place, but THOSE entries aren’t visible.

    Which would explain the “visible” lack of numbers contending for a first-rate prize!!

  6. flaredOne – You are correct. People who leave comments here are not entered. The form above must be filled out with a valid mailing address. And of course, no one would want their addresses out there for everyone to see.

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