Wings of Fire: The Flames of Hope – Book Review

Wings of Fire: The Flames of Hope by Tui T Sutherland

Luna has always wanted to change the world — to fix it, to free it — even if she’s never actually known how. Now that all of dragon – and humankind are in mortal danger, Luna is flying back home to Pantala with a team of dragons on a rescue mission, determined to be brave and useful.

But saving a continent isn’t as easy as a prophecy makes it sound, and “facing a great evil” definitely requires more than the fiery silk that Luna is uniquely able to create. As she fights her way to the abyss that hides the dark roots poisoning Pantala, Luna must uncover a long-buried secret and unite her friends, her enemies, and her own powers. If she doesn’t, she won’t get to change the world. She’ll have to say goodbye to it — forever.

The Flames of Hope is the 15th(!) and final(?) book in the Wings of Fire series. As one of my favorite middle grade fantasy series, this is bittersweet. It’s an impressive series with no book that felt like a “filler” – even the 2 standalones that released mid-series. Sutherland has created a rich and intriguing world of unique and diverse dragons. And this final installment wraps up the Lost Continent storyline as well as provides a fascinating backstory for this world. As always, I absolutely loved this novel and the unpredictable plot. The characters are captivating and while I’m happy to see a resolution, I’m sorry to see the series end. I hope more standalone, character-driven novels are still to come. This was a beautiful end to a fantastic series.

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