The Colorado Sequence

The Colorado Sequence, by Stacey Cochran, is a unique blend of hard science fiction, fantasy, and suspense.

Dr. Amy Levine has revealed a mathematical formula, dubbed the Colorado Sequence, which wields fantastic power. The sequence unravels the String Theory and explains the framework of reality. How can she prove this? Dr. Levine can predict the future. With the government and other dangerous forces on their trail, Dr. Levine and her friends travel to Colorado to complete her work on the sequence. But the storm of the century has hit Ouray, Colorado and the group becomes trapped in the snowbound town. With time running out for both their survival and an entire world that Amy discovers, the group must work together to find the key to unlocking the world’s greatest secret.

I can’t pretend to understand all of the scientific and philosophical terminology that is discussed in this novel. But enough is explained for a layman to get the basic idea. The strength of this book is the story and level of suspense. I didn’t want to put this one down simply because of the suspense and wondering who would make it out alive. With strange creatures, harsh elements, and deadly tests, danger seems to lurk around every corner.

For a thrill ride that challenges your brain, I recommend The Colorado Sequence. This is self-published, but recently made available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. And you can read sample pages here.

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