Star Runner: Dark Star – Graphic Novel Review

Star Runner Chronicles: Dark Star by James Watson (Author), Claudia Ianniciello (Cover Art), Leo Cordeiro (Contributor) Synopsis: Having learned the truth behind her alien origins, Aurora Palmer hopes for a normal life with her friends at Madison High. Her friends Scott and Kristine protect her secret, and Vanguard scientists study her alien technology. Unfortunately, her … Read more

Star Runner Chronicles: Fallen Star – Graphic Novel Review

Star Runner Chronicles: Fallen Star Synopsis: Aurora Palmer is a rebellious teen girl with a mysterious past and unpredictable powers she cannot control. When these powers threaten to expose her, she must uncover her true origins before they are destroyed forever! This edition collects the first three issues of the popular digital series, along with … Read more

GlobalComix Spotlight: The Ignis Quadrant – Review

About THE IGNIS QUADRANT: THE IGNIS QUADRANT by EC3D Design is a space western that features Montana Bones and his cast of ragtag companions. Montana and his crew go on adventures throughout the galaxy, all while managing to find time for a few drinks at Crazy Ritas. There‚Äôs never a dull moment, as scuffles with … Read more

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