Author Chad Corrie Interview had an exclusive interview with author Chad Corrie to discuss his new YA series – Sojourners’ Saga! 1. Can you tell us a bit about Sojourners’ Saga (and the first installment) in your own words? Sure. Sojourners’ Saga is a new YA series based in more of a dystopian/apocalyptic setting, making it something different … Read more

Volition – Interview with Tony Smith and Ryan Smith

Tony Dean Smith (Co-Writer/Director/Co-Producer) & Ryan W. Smith (Co-Writer/Producer) join today to talk about their new film Volition! Where did the idea come for the script? TONY: The original kernel was something I stumbled upon in film school. I became convinced that IF clairvoyance was real and that they could see “ahead”, then it … Read more

Gareth L Powell – Author Interview

Gareth L Powell joins today to talk about his latest release Light of Impossible Stars which releases today! 1. Tell us a bit about Light of Impossible Stars. Light starts with the sentient warship Trouble Dog low on fuel and hunted by the Fleet of Knives. But with human civilisation crumbling, what difference can … Read more