Just a reminder about the RHI miniseries Flood premiering tonight at 7/6c on Ion.

From the press release:
A bright autumn morning, London shines in all its glory – its architecture, its iconic river and the impressive edifice of the Thames Barrier gleaming in the sunlight. Meanwhile, in Scotland, a storm of hurricane proportions crashes into the coast, devastating the sleepy town of Wick. Mountainous tides barrel mercilessly along the North Coast of Britain, heading for London. However the authorities remain skeptical that nature could deal any blow that London’s Thames Barrier, the largest fixed tidal defense in the world, could not withstand. But the reality is that the storm and seasonal high seas will soon converge in the Thames causing a colossal surge, big enough to flood London.

I received a review copy and was pleasantly surprised. Flood has all the intensity of the big budget natural disaster movies, with realistic characters. I found myself quickly getting involved in the story and into the lives of the people. Fans of the genre should definitely enjoy this fast-paced thriller.

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