4 thoughts on “Cloverfield Trailer”

  1. I saw the original teaser when we saw Transformers. The new trailer was played before I Am Legend. It looks pretty good.
    BTW did you see the Batman/ Superman movie logo on the building during I Am Legend???

  2. I did not think it would be that good of a movie with 90% of it being Will Smith only. Watching him play a man who is going slowly crazy was interesting. He pulled it off.
    A co-worker said he did not like it so much because it was not 100% faithful to the book.
    Are any movies a 100% faithful to the book? At least it is not as bad as Eragon……
    When I go see a movie based on a book, I try to go into without any preconceptions.

    BTW have you read Kristen Britain’s Green Rider series? The third book just came out and is on my shelf ready to be read next.

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