Time travel is probably my favorite subjects in science fiction. And according to some of my favorite shows and movies, these seem like the best way to go about it.

10. Piggyback on the Borg’ time rift. You still have to deal with the Borg once you get there, so maybe that’s not the best option. (Star Trek: First Contact)

9. Invent a time machine that will allow you to possess someone’s body, but only within your own lifetime. (Quantum Leap)

8. Sling shot around the sun. Just don’t burn up in the process. (Star Trek: The Voyage Home)

7. Create your own time machine to travel back and forth through time. (HG Wells’ Time Machine)

6. Steal someone else’s time machine. Preferably not while they’re being shot by Libyan terrorists. That kind of just adds insult to injury. (Back to the Future. Time travel also achieved via a stolen watch in Clockstoppers)

5. Use the government’s time machine. (Timecop and Time Trax)

4. Get Superman to fly you around the earth really fast. One of Supes’ talents that no one really likes to talk about. (Superman)

3. Totally immerse yourself in the era of your choosing, will yourself there, and Ta-Da! You’ll just appear there! (Somewhere in Time)

2. Create “totally awesome” music that will unite the world in peace and harmony. And people from the future will come give you a time machine in the shape of a phone booth for a homework assignment. Granted, because of cell phones phone booths are now passé. So, that might be a little conspicuous in 2008. (Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure)

1. Send cyborgs back to the past to make a time machine for you! (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)