DVD Review: V: The Complete First Season


V: The Complete First Season

John May Lives!

In an instant, Earth is surrounded by ships from another world. The aliens, called “Visitors”, claim to be a peaceful race. But FBI Agent Erica Evans soon discovers that their human appearance is just a façade. The Visitors are lizard-like species, with far more advanced technology and healing abilities. And Erica learns that they are lying about their purpose as well. Erica, along with a group of other Visitor-skeptics and even a Visitor traitor, band together to discover what the Visitors want and stop them at any cost.

This remake of the popular 1983 miniseries of the same name borrow liberally from the predecessors plot and initial feel. But this new series delves more into the characters and human emotions. And the V-traitor aspect, as Visitors begin experiencing human emotions, is truly inspired.

The each episode is fast-paced, full of hear-pounding suspense and shocking surprises. And this would hook me alone. But the colorful characters and fantastic acting, along with such intense plotting, quickly made this my favorite show on television. Shows like this make me proud to be a scifi fan. V is smart, shocking, dramatic, creative, and action-packed, with never a dull moment. I’m ecstatic to have this show now on DVD. Be sure to catch up, before season 2 returns to ABC on Tuesday, January 4th.

Special Features:
– The Actor’s Journey from Human to V featurette
– An Alien in Human Skin
– Breaking Story: The World of V featurette
– The Visual FX of V featurette
– Commentary on episode 11 by executive producers Scott Rosenbaum and Steve Pearlman
– Unaired scenes

V: The Complete First Season is available now on DVD and Blu-ray.