SciFi Book Review: Star Trek: The Original Series: Allegiance in Exile

Star Trek: The Original Series: Allegiance in Exile by David R. George III

A beautiful green world, rich in fertile soil and temperate climate . . . a textbook Class-M planet that should be teeming with life. Scans show no life-signs, but there are refined metals, including those associated with a space-faring race . . . and a lone city. But where are all of the inhabitants? Captain James T. Kirk leads a landing party from the U.S.S. Enterprise, hoping to get some answers.

The away team discovers a city in ruins, covered by dust, utterly bereft of life. Tricorder readings indicate that this is no ancient metropolis—it has been deserted only for a year. And just beyond the citadel lies what appears to be an ancient spaceport . . . a graveyard of ships that have clearly been sabotaged. With these ruins too far from either the Klingon or the Romulan Empires, the Enterprise crew can only wonder: Who could have done this? And could this unnamed threat now pose an imminent danger to the Federation?

The story begins with Kirk entering his final year as captain of the Enterprise’s five-year mission of exploration. Kirk is beginning to think about his future and what will happen when the five years is up. The mysterious Class-M planet that they find has surprisingly been destroyed recently, with no signs of life. But the crew members on the surface, as well as those back on the ship are not prepared for what comes next.

Four years into serving together, the crew has developed strong connections and friendships – especially Kirk, Bones, and Spock. Meanwhile, Sulu begins a romance with Ensign Trinh which unfolds as the highlight of the story’s emotional drama. I was riveted and unable to put it down. Rich with fast-paced action, adventure, mystery, and drama – Allegiance in Exile is an exciting addition to the Original Series.